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Targeted Opportunities for MoT that Matter the Most for Improving Customer Service

November 15, 2021 | 2min read

Moments of Truth that Matter the Most

From a call center perspective, to understand moments of truth (MoT) that matter the most and customer satisfaction (Csat), it’s essential to understand the MoT that a customer experiences (CX) interacting with a call center to resolve their inquiry or problem. There are many MoT a customer will experience when interacting with a contact center.

Moments of Truth

A moment of truth is simply any interaction during which a customer forms an impression of your brand, service, or product. MoT impressions may be positive, neutral, or negative. The goal of call center employees is to provide positive MoT to achieve a positive impression of the brand, service, or product.

The below three figures shows the MoT metrics importance ranking by call type, MoT call type Csat, and targeted opportunities for improving Csat.

Figure 1 shows little difference in MoT importance ranking when looking at different call types, except for payment arrangements and technical calls. For payment arrangements calls, the customer would like the agent to be more caring. For technical calls, caring is less critical than the agent’s knowledge level and ability to solve the customer’s problem. Call resolution is the most important metric for all call types except the payment arrangements call type.

The MoT importance ranking order is based on a statistical correlation between the moments of truth Csat results and the customer’s overall satisfaction with their call center experience. The statistical correlation MoT importance ranking was also done by call type.

The five most important moments of truth for customers when interacting with a call center agent are:

  1. Agent resolved the customer’s call
  2. Agent’s ability to make a decision
  3. The agent shows that they care
  4. Helpfulness of the agent
  5. Knowledge level of the agent

Figure 1: MoT Metrics that Matter the Most to Customers by Call Type Ranking

Figure 1

Figure 2 also shows there is little difference when viewing the satisfaction levels by call type. In fact, the helpfulness and call resolution rankings are the same for all call types. The only significant difference is for account maintenance, where customers tend to be more satisfied with the agent’s decision-making abilities.

The MoT metrics that customers ranked as highest Csat with are:

  1. Helpfulness of the agent
  2. Agent resolved the customer’s call
  3. Knowledge level of the agent
  4. The agent shows that they care
  5. Agent’s ability to make a decision

Figure 2: MoT Metrics Customers are Most Satisfied with by Call Type Ranking

Figure 2

Figure 3 shows MoT targeted opportunities for improving Csat. The targeted opportunities for improving CX are based on the MoT importance and satisfaction ranking. The MoT metric with the most significant ranking gap between importance and satisfaction is the agent’s ability to make a decision. The “decision MoT metric” is one that the customer feels is very important but is the least satisfied of all the MoT metrics. Improving decision, call resolution, and care MoT metrics improve the call center’s Csat performance by making the customer’s journey interaction a better customer experience.

Figure 3: Targeted Opportunities for Improving Call Center CX

Figure 3

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