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mySQM™ Customer Service QA Software - FCR / CX Benchmarking & Certification

FCR / CX benchmarking and ranking data is captured and reported in real-time through mySQM™ Customer Service QA software. Great agent, supervisor, and contact center FCR / CX performance is awarded and certified.

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Capturing Benchmarkable Data

CX survey data is captured in a standardized, benchmarkable manner from the agent to the call center level, by segment, call reason, etc.

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Benchmarking and Certification

We benchmark agents and contact channels using metrics such as CX Greatness, OCR, FCR, Csat, NPS®, QA, etc. SQM certifies agents who have delivered world-class CX performance.

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CX Benchmark Reporting

Benchmarking and ranking CX data is captured and reported in real-time through mySQM™ Customer Service QA software.

Benchmarking & Certification

The benchmarking data provides powerful CX performance comparisons for agents, supervisors, and call centers to compare themselves to others (e.g., peers, average, and world-class). Many agents and contact centers improve their FCR performance by 10% when benchmarking and ranking performance. One of the best parts about SQM's FCR / CX Benchmarking and tracking is to award and certify world-class performing agents, supervisors, and contact centers.

CX Benchmarking

Post-Contact Surveying

A random sample of post-contact customer experience surveys is conducted with customers who have had a transaction with a service channel within one business day of their interaction. FCR and CX questions are the same for all benchmarking participants. Furthermore, SQM's post-contact FCR / CX survey has a proven track record for measuring the right metrics that accurately assess and benchmark FCR and CX performance.

Capturing FCR and CX

Benchmarking Data

We use standardized questions for KPI metrics (e.g., FCR, Csat, NPS) to make the VoC data benchmarkable. In addition, we benchmark all major contact channels (e.g., call center, IVR self-service, email, web self-service, chat, and mobile self-service). As a result, the contact center industry views SQM as the thought leader and the gold standard for measuring, benchmarking, and improving FCR and CX.

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Benchmarking Reporting

Real-time access to your FCR and CX benchmarking information is available to all staff levels in a secure encrypted platform through mySQM™ Customer Service QA software. In addition, a formal quarterly report will be delivered to you and your management team via a video conference call with a senior SQM consultant outlining your contact channel's CX Greatness, OCR, FCR, Csat, NPS® benchmarking data, and opportunities for reducing repeat contacts.

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