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Multi-Channel CX Studies

The Multi-Channel (also known as touchpoints) Customer Experience Study uses customer surveys to capture feedback when using a call center and another contact channel (e.g., web self-service, email, IVR self-service, chat and social media) to resolve the same inquiry or problem.

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Multi-Channel Customer Experience Benchmarking and Tracking

SQM’s multi-channel post-call survey has a proven track record for measuring the attributes that accurately assess and benchmark your omni-channel customer satisfaction (Csat), one contact resolution, customer effort, call deflection, and CX improvement opportunities. A random sample of post-contact telephone surveys is conducted with customers who had a transaction with your call center and, in many cases, another contact channel. SQM's research shows that approximately 20% of customers calling a call center also used another contact channel (e.g., email, web self-service, IVR self-service, chat or social media) to resolve their same inquiry or problem.

The Multi-Channel CX post-contact customer study consists of:

  • All together, approximately 2000 post-contact surveys
  • 1600 of the total surveys are only 2 minutes long for customers who only used one contact channel
  • 400 of the total surveys are 5 minutes long for customers who used multiple channels

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Multi-Channel CX Benchmarking Study

A one-time study that takes 2-3 weeks to complete. The post-contact customer survey is completed as a live interview with SQM’s in-house Telephone Survey Representatives. SQM benchmarks your contact center’s multi-channel CX delivery against the performance of over 500 leading North American contact centers. SQM Benchmarking Study participation qualifies your contact center for multi-channel CX awards.

Multi-Channel Benchmarking Report

A 50 page multi-channel customer experience benchmarking report will be delivered to you and your management team via onsite consultation or a video conference call with a senior SQM consultant. The report will outline your performance for multi-channel Csat, Omni-channel, CX greatness, Seamless effort, and One contact resolution. You will also receive best practices for delivering a seamless effort for multi-channel CX.

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Multi-Channel CX Tracking Study

An ongoing study conducting surveys on a daily or weekly basis. Surveys can be conducted using any of our survey options. Customer feedback notifications are sent to you in real-time through mySQM™ FCR Insights software and can be accessed through mobile device, tablet, or desktop device. SQM Tracking Study participation qualifies your contact center for multi-channel CX awards.

Multi-Channel Tracking Report

A multi-channel customer experience tracking report will be delivered quarterly to you and your management team via a video conference call with a senior SQM consultant outlining your multi-channel customer experience and business impact performance. Real-time access to your customer survey information is available to all levels of staff through mySQM™ FCR Insights software.

SQM’s Multi-Channel Customer Experience Study will provide the following:


KPI Ratings

High level and detailed multi-channel Csat, CX Greatness, Seamless Effort, Omni-Channel CX, FCR, and One Contact Resolution ratings


Benchmarking comparison to industry peers, average, and World Class North American contact centers

VoC Closed-Loop Improvement Process

FCR - Identify, Develop, Check, and Act (IDCA) Improvement Cycle

Business Outcome Metrics

The impacts of your multi-channel customer experience on your organization's ability to retain customers or the likelihood of your customers recommending your organization. For customer experience insights, we use first call resolution, one contact resolution, customer satisfaction, net promoter score, and net retention index metrics. 

Fail-point Reasons

The failure reasons why your customers were not able to resolve their inquiry or problem in the initial contact channel they used

Channel of Choice

Your customers' contact channel preference for resolving their inquiry or problem

Revenue Protection/Loss

Amount of revenue the contact center protected and lost

Operating Cost Impact

Unresolved contacts' impact on operating cost

Fail-Point Impact

Top 5 repeat contact reasons and their improvement opportunity for financial savings

Targeted Opportunities

Targeted opportunities for providing seamless effort multi-channel CX

CX Awards

Entry into SQM’s Customer Experience Awards

Best Practice Consulting

Access to SQM’s best practice consulting

Improvement Recommendations

Best practices for improving and providing great multi-channel CX


Data Collection

Data collection on failure reasons for other channels' usage

Customer Verbatim

Full text reports of customer verbatim survey feedback

Coding Qualitative Feedback

Full coding of customer verbatim survey feedback

Agent-Level Quota

Ability to manage quota at an agent level, providing personal accountability to the Voice of the Customer

Tracking and trending KPI performance daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually

Segmented Data

Tracking and trending KPI performance by contact types, locations, and segments of the contact center

VoC Post Touchpoint Surveying

Conducting post-touchpoint (e.g., call center, chat, email, website) customer experience surveys on a daily or weekly basis. Surveys options (e.g., phone, IVR, and email).

Immediate Alerts

Real-time notifications of customer dissatisfaction (Action Alerts)

Track Service Recovery

Ability to track service recovery of customer Action Alerts

Quality Assurance

Ability to link QA to customer surveys


Ability to capture and report coaching actions

Real-Time Reports

Real-time web based reporting, pre-formatted reports and sophisticated database analytical tools