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SQM offers benchmarking and tracking voice of the customer and employee studies designed to improve FCR and provide great CX.

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Call Center Benchmark Study

This call center benchmark study provides a 50-page benchmarking report outlining your call center’s CX Greatness, FCR, OCR, Csat, NPS®, NRI, emotional experience, call handling (e.g., average handle time, hold times, call transfers), and opportunities for reducing repeat contacts. SQM will review your call center operations and provide targeted and personalized recommendations to improve your call center performance.

Call Center Benchmark Study

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Customer Experience Studies

From a customer perspective, this insightful study benchmarks or tracks CX, identifies opportunities for CX improvement, and awards call centers that have demonstrated CX excellence. We conduct voice of the customer research for all major call channels (e.g., call center, IVR/IVA self-service, email, web self-service, chat, and mobile self-service).

Customer Experience Studies

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CX Multi-Channel Studies

This study uses customer surveys to capture feedback when using a call center and another contact channel (e.g., web self-service, email, IVR/IVA self-service, chat and social media) to resolve the same inquiry or problem. This study has a proven track record for measuring the attributes that accurately assess and benchmark your omni-channel customer satisfaction (Csat), one contact resolution, customer effort, call deflection, and CX improvement opportunities.

Multi-Channel Studies

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Employee Experience Studies

From an employee perspective, these studies benchmark or track employee experience (EX), identifies opportunities for EX improvement, and awards call centers that have demonstrated EX excellence. These studies are different from traditional HR employee satisfaction studies because they focus on measuring and benchmarking the effectiveness of your CX business practices (i.e., people, process and technology), and provide insights for improving CX.

Employee Experience Studies

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