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Leadership Styles Used in Call Centers

Complete Our Questionnaire to Determine Your Leadership Style

What is Your Dominant Leadership Style?

Complete this sentence: “A good leader should always...” How you complete this sentence might describe your leadership style.

Many leaders believe what leadership style that works for one call center, line of business, team, or situation may not work for another. In other words, the right leadership style for a call center or team depends on the needs and situation of the business.

Outstanding Leadership is not only about senior managers or the vice president of a call center. Effective leaders can be found at all levels (e.g., supervisors to SVP) and use different leadership styles or elements of each unique leadership style. While there are many leadership styles used in call centers, some of the commonly practiced are servant, transformational, participative, transactional, autocratic, and laissez-faire leadership styles.

Find out your leadership style by completing the questionnaire below.

Call Center Leadership Styles Questionnaire


  1. To identify your most dominant leadership style
  2. To understand how your dominant leadership style compares to other styles


For each leadership style question, answer the statement by choosing one of the five ratings: Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Neutral, Agree, and Strongly Agree. Please answer this call center leadership questionnaire according to how you would behave in reality rather than how you think you should behave. When you have completed the questionnaire, please click the "Calculate My Leadership Style Score" button at the bottom of the questionnaire to discover your dominant leadership style and how it compares to the other leadership styles. By comparing scores for each leadership style, you can understand which styles are most dominant and least dominant. Your leadership style scores should be interpreted as a directional view versus a comprehensive view of your style.

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Leadership Styles

Complete the leadership style questionnaire to know and compare your dominant style to other styles.

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Leadership Styles Questionnaire
for Call Centers

This questionnaire contains 36 questions and should take 5 minutes to complete.