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Client Customer Experience Award Stories

Best Practice Stories From Award-Winning and World-Class CX Certified Agents and Supervisors

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Agent CX Success Stories

Agent of the Year Award Nomination

Would you like to find out what exceptional customer service looks like from the frontlines of organizations across varying industries? Each year SQM compiles a library of customer experience interactions from our clients which make up our CSR of the Year program. These stories can be about how to turn a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied one, creating a memorable experience for a customer, utilizing a concierge approach to resolve a customer's concern, or how a single employee can change the practices of an entire organization through their own unique customer experience approach.

CSR CX Success Stories

Supervisor CX Successful Coaching Stories

Supervisor of the Year Award Nomination

Are you a new supervisor? A tenured supervisor looking for ways to improve your team's performance? Or have you recently been promoted to oversee a group of supervisors and need some direction on what a world-class supervisor does? If so, you’re in the right place! Each year SQM compiles a library of supervisory role stories from our clients which make up our Supervisor of the Year program. These stories can be about how a supervisor worked with an agent to work on skills/knowledge for a call type that they historically were unable to resolve, how a supervisor created a personal connection to an employee that allowed them to provide targeted encouragement and support, a supervisor “talking the talk” and getting onto the phone for an agent to handle a tough or escalated call, or how they took a poor performing agent and turned them into a customer experience wizard.

Supervisor CX Success Stories

Agent CX Improvement Stories

Agent Top Improvement Awards Nomination

Are you an agent struggling with keeping up to the performance metrics of your company? Or perhaps a supervisor who has one or more agents struggling with their performance metrics? Our library of Agent Top Improvement stories may have some direction on how to improve those results! Each year SQM adds to this library with stories from our clients which make up our Agent Top Improvement program. These stories can be about how a agent analyzed their own performance to trigger a performance improvement, how they identified their own obstacles preventing them from delivering a great customer experience and shared them with the company to roll out a new training program or call handling process, or how they inspired/challenged others on their team to bring up their own performance metrics.

CSR CX Improvement Stories