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mySQM™ CX Insights Software is Built Specifically for Contact Centers


Since 1996, SQM has been a leading provider of contact center CXM software. mySQM™ CX Insights software is specifically designed to help contact centers improve CX and deliver great customer and employee experiences. Our software is highly customizable to meet your contact center’s specific needs and CX improvement opportunities. The combination of our Standard and Personalized Intelligence features is a powerful approach to assist front-line employees, analysts, and business managers in improving CX and reducing costs.


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High-Value Software Built for Contact Centers

Do you know how much operational cost you could actually be saving?

Use our ROI calculator to see your contact center's potential operational savings for every one percentage point increase in FCR and the great ROI opportunity you have for using our mySQM™ CX Insights technology. Our high-value software is specifically built to help contact centers improve their operating costs. Our client's average ROI is 450% and the payback period is less than 3 months. It only takes a few minutes to complete.

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Motivate Your Staff to Greatness

The mySQM™ Rewards and Recognition program puts accountability for improving CX performance into the hands of each of your frontline employees, and provides meaningful perks for them to aim for. 

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e-Learning to Improve CX – One CSR at a Time

SQM offers virtual, on-demand e-learning for CX soft skills modules delivered through our mySQM™ CX Insights software. What makes our CX Soft Skills e-Learning so effective is that we use VoC survey data to train and to validate CX improvement. 

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The business case for mySQM™ CX Insights - software built specifically for contact centers:

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For every 1% improvement in FCR you reduce your operating costs by 1%.

Reduce Operating Costs
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98% of customers will continue to do business with the organization as a result of achieving FCR.

Reduce Customers at Risk
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For every 1% improvement in FCR there is a 1% improvement in Csat.

Improve Customer Satisfaction
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For every 1% improvement in FCR there can be a 1% to 5% improvement in Esat.

Improve Employee Satisfaction
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When a customer's call is resolved the customer cross-selling acceptance rate increases by up to 20%.

Increase Opportunities to Sell
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The top CSRs for FCR cost per call resolution is 35% lower than the bottom CSRs for FCR

Create More High Performing CSRs

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VSP Testimonial

Find out more about best practices for customer experience in the contact center industry from SQM's collection of case studies.

“One of the great components of SQM’s offerings is the surveying at the agent level. What a motivator it can be to have first call resolution and customer satisfaction at the agent level.” VSP has consistently achieved world class FCR and CX performance and has been the contact center of the year winner.

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