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Quality Assurance Solution that Transforms Call Center Customer Service

SQM Group is a market leader in providing a quality assurance solution for call centers to monitor, motivate, and manage agents to deliver great call quality service.

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We have been working with SQM for decades — mySQM™ QA has great data mining and agent performance CX improvement opportunity capabilities.

Holly Abbot Associate Vice President Support Group, Canadian Tire Bank

mySQM™ QA helps us to be more holistic in our CX approach — resulting in over 20 years of world-class CX delivery.

Joshua Dart Director of Customer Experience, VSP Vision

mySQM™ QA software is fantastic — there is an SQM debit card feature that we use to immediately recognize agents with dollars for delivering great CX.

Maria Stopainig Director of Customer Service, Alberta Blue Cross

We have been working with SQM for decades — mySQM™ QA has great data mining and agent performance CX improvement opportunity capabilities.

Ken Baur Director of member Experience, Security Health Plan

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A 360° QA Platform that Ensures Call Compliance and Transforms CX

Our mySQM™ QA 360° approach captures and combines three data sources: (1) CX post-call surveys, (2) call handling, and (3) call compliance feedback using a single platform and AI to provide holistic CX insights to help transform your QA program to deliver great customer service.


AI-Generated Agent Self-Coaching Empowers them to Improve CX

mySQM™ Agent Self-Coaching uses AI-generated personalized suggestions to empower and enable them to improve their Csat and QA performance. Agent Self-Coaching allows them to take ownership of their performance.


Real-time Recognition Motivates Agents to Deliver Great CX

Through mySQM™ QA, agents receive award points based on post-call surveys and QA performance to motivate them to deliver great CX. Award points earned are captured in real-time, converted to dollars, and redeemed using an SQM debit card to recognize excellent performance financially.

Benchmarks, Ranks, Awards, and Certifies your Csat, FCR, and QA

Customer satisfaction, first call resolution, mySQM™ QA Score benchmarking, and ranking data are captured and reported in real-time through mySQM™ QA software. Great agent, supervisor, and call center performance is awarded and certified.

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