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mySQM™ FCR Insights Software is Built Specifically for Call Centers


Since 1996, SQM has been a Call Center First Call Resolution Expert for measuring, benchmarking, tracking, and improving FCR. At the heart of our services is mySQM™ FCR Insights software, which is a SaaS-based subscription platform explicitly built for call centers. Combining our standard and Personalized Intelligence™ software features is a powerful approach to assist agents, supervisors, managers, and analysts in measuring and improving their FCR and customer experience.


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Standard Features

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Capture, store, and access customer and employee survey data from any survey methodology or internal data source which brings everything into a single platform

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  • Captures all customer and employee survey methods and internal data
  • Audio capture for customer sentiment​
  • Data and audio co-exists in the same database

Datal Analytics


Agent to call center analysis for assessing and benchmarking performance to identify service and cost improvement opportunities ​

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  • Preconfigured performance reports and targeted opportunities for improvement
  • Pivot table for customizable analysis
  • Repeat call root cause analytics

Data reporting and charts


Holistic data visualization for agent 360 performance reporting and benchmarking to coach agent for FCR and Csat improvement

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  • Comprehensive data visualization (e.g., FCR, CX, cost, AHT, QA, etc.)​
  • 360 agent performance reporting​
  • Customizable agent and supervisor dashboard​

Personalized Intelligence™ Features

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Combines survey and call compliance data for a holistic view of call quality – the only proven QA approach to improve FCR​

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  • Brings VoC into quality assurance
  • Combines customer survey and call compliance data
  • Insights for agent performance, coaching and training


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Recognition program that awards points to motivate agents to improve FCR and provide great CX

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  • Agents earn award points based on customer survey, peer-to-peer, and QA feedback
  • Use gamification to motivate agents to improve FCR and Csat​
  • Points can be redeemed using SQM debit cards, gift cards, etc.

Soft Skills ELearning


SQM offers virtual, on-demand soft skills e-learning modules that improve FCR and CX soft skills

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  • Self-paced CX soft skills training modules​
  • Online training delivered through our software
  • Agent CX performance assessed using VoC data to validate CX improvement


High-Value FCR Software Built for Call Centers

Do you know how much operational cost you could actually be saving?

Use our ROI calculator to see your call center's potential operational savings for every one percentage point increase in FCR and the great ROI opportunity you have for using our mySQM™ FCR Insights technology. Our high-value software is specifically built to help call centers improve their operating costs. Our client's average ROI is 450% and the payback period is less than 3 months. It only takes a few minutes to complete.

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ROI 450%       payback <3 months

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Measure Your Call Agents

Try our Agent Cost Effectiveness Calculator

Discover who needs recognition, coaching, or performance management.

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mySQM™ FCR Insights — Business Case

Learn about the business case for using mySQM™ FCR Insights software to improve your operating costs and customer experience by focusing on first call resolution, call resolution, and customer satisfaction metrics at the call center and customer representative levels.

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Reduce Operating Costs

For every 1% improvement in FCR, you reduce your operating costs by 1%.

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Reduce Customers at Risk

98% of customers will continue to do business with the organization as a result of achieving FCR.

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Improve Customer Satisfaction

For every 1% improvement in FCR there is a 1% improvement in Csat.

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Improve Employee Satisfaction

For every 1% improvement in FCR there can be a 1% to 5% improvement in Esat.

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Increase Opportunities to Sell

When a customer's call is resolved the customer cross-selling acceptance rate increases by up to 20%.

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Improve Net Promoter Score®

For the average call center, every 1% improvement in FCR increases transactional NPS by 1.4.

See mySQM™ FCR Insights Software in Action

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