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mySQM™ QA - AI-Generated Agent Self-Coaching Empowers them to Improve CX

Agent Self-Coaching uses AI-generated personalized suggestions to empower and enable them to improve their Csat and QA performance. Agent Self-Coaching allows them to take ownership of their performance.

What Is Agent Self-Coaching?

Agent self-coaching uses AI-generated personalized coaching suggestion CX best practices to help agents improve their performance.

Agent self-coaching isn't challenging to get your head around. In most cases, agents have done some self-coaching without even realizing it. Self-coaching for call center agents involves taking ownership of coaching themselves to improve their performance.

Agents often use self-coaching to help them achieve high QA and Csat scores. Historically call center supervisors have provided agents with coaching to help them improve their QA and Csat scores. Furthermore, agent self-coaching does not replace supervisor coaching; it supplements it.

Given the advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, there is an excellent opportunity for call center agents to employ self-coaching skills on their journey to achieve QA and Csat world-class performance.

Agent Self-Coaching Features

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Customer Feedback to Improve CX

We use conversational IVR/IVA surveys and call recordings to turn qualitative feedback from customers into actionable coaching outcomes. In other words, to coach agents effectively, you need an explanation of why customers are dis/satisfied or why their call was not resolved to understand how to improve CX.

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Coaching Opportunity Identification

Agent Self-Coaching uses an agent dashboard and QA scores to identify coaching opportunities to improve their performance.

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AI-Generated Personalized Coaching

Agent Self-Coaching uses AI-generated personalized coaching suggestions to improve their Csat and QA performance.

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Agent Self-Coaching Benefits


Agent Self-Coaching is one of the most effective and quickest way to improve your call center agents Csat, QA, and reduce supervisor CX coaching time.

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Data Driven

AI-generated CX best practice tips for agent self-coaching suggestions is a data-driven approach that is based on customer feedback and has a proven track record for improving agent CX performance.

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It enables supervisors to be more efficient with their coaching time. It frees up time so supervisors can coach agents that need to improve call compliance and QA performance.

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Using AI-generated personalized coaching suggestions is one of the most effective and quickest ways for improving call center agents Csat, FCR, and QA performance.

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