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Based on over 25 years of call center research with 500+ leading North American call centers, SQM Group has developed free, downloadable whitepapers that help call centers to improve FCR, customer satisfaction, and employee experience.

White Paper Topics

Our whitepapers cover a variety of topics and metrics such as the following:

  • First Call Resolution
  • Persona Communication Styles
  • Customer Service-Centric Culture
  • Work from Home Model for Contact Centers

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Featured White Paper

Agent Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting Impact

How Much Damage is the Agent Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting Having on Costs, FCR, and Csat?

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White Papers

Customer Service QA: State of the Industry Benchmark Report 2023

This whitepaper provides insights into improving QA by sharing benchmarks and best practices.

Customer Service Trends in the Call Center Industry

Stay up to date with trends in the industry as customer expectations and preferences are constantly evolving.

Automate Call Center Quality Assurance With AI and Post-call Surveys

Fix QA first, then use AI to automate and post-call surveys to validate.

Call Center Quality Monitoring

Best Practices for Improving Its Impact on Customer Service.

Call Center Agent Coaching Session

10 Tips for Improving Their Performance and Increasing Customer Satisfaction.

Customer Quality Assurance (CQA) — Comprehensive Guide

For defining QA, its importance, how it works, and tips for improving it.

Agent Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting Impact

How Much Damage is the Agent Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting Having on Costs, FCR, and Csat?

Customer Service Quality Assurance

SQM Group explains how to create an effective Customer Service QA Form in 3 steps - 2023.

Improving Supervisor Coaching Effectiveness

Call center customer service success depends on the supervisor's agent coaching effectiveness.

15 Questions to Ask Potential Vendors

Know the right questions to ask vendors when deciding on customer service and quality assurance software.

What Is a Good FCR Rate?

SQM Group Presents the Call Center Industry 2022 FCR Benchmark Results.

Call Center Operational Benchmarking Data

SQM Group captured operational benchmarking data for over 300 leading North American call centers in 2021.

FCR Comprehensive Guide

This First Call Resolution (FCR) blog is a guide for defining, measuring, tracking, benchmarking, and improving FCR.

Is the Call Center WFH Model Here to Stay After COVID-19?

Pre/Post COVID-19 Customer & Employee Experience Benchmark Research.

Call Handling Standards

Call handling standards that are used to help agents deliver great customer service.

Create a Customer Service-Centric Culture

The importance of customer service centricity and the top 10 CX metrics for achieving a customer-centric culture.

Persona Communication Styles

Agents can adapt their communication styles to match their customer's styles resulting in higher Csat.

FCR Top 10 Call Center Best Practices Part 2

Improve FCR with Case Studies from Award-Winning North American Call Centers.

First Call Resolution Reimagined Part 1

First Call Resolution has been reimagined in terms of Importance, Definition, Measurement, Goals, and ROI.