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Random List Generator

Create a randomized survey list with our tool. Determine which customers or employees to survey.

Name and Number Randmom List Generator

Our Contact Center Customer and Employee Experience Studies for benchmarking and tracking performance provide insights into customer and employee experience performance and improvement opportunities. Using a random sample method is the best approach to selecting your sample from the population of interest. The advantages are that your sample should represent the target population and eliminate sampling bias. Also, to further eliminate sampling bias, a best practice is to include all customers who called the call center and/or all employees who work in the call center in the random list generator. The below tool allows you to generate a set of random numbers or names to determine which employees or customers to survey. To gain more insights into FCR importance, definition, measurement, goals, and ROI, download our First Call Resolution Re-imagined whitepaper.

Random List Generator - Numbers

Generate a set of random numbers to determine which employees or customers to survey.

Random List Generator - Names

Generate a set of random people from an uploaded list of names.
Note: Uploaded list must be in .txt format and names must be separated by a comma, on a new line, or a combination of both.