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mySQM™ Customer Service QA Software - Personalized Intelligence Features

Based on customer feedback and agent needs, managers can use Personalized Intelligence™, a suite of four proprietary features designed to target specific areas needed to help an agent improve FCR, Csat, and customer service performance.

Personalized Intelligence™ Features Overview

mySQM™ Customer Service QA Software - customer experience management software is designed on a SaaS platform. Our Personalized Intelligence™ features use external data (e.g., post-call survey) and internal data (e.g., QA) to provide individualized insights at an agent level to help them deliver great customer service.

Based on customer feedback and agent needs, clients can use a suite of six Personalized Intelligence™ features: benchmarking, recognizing, training, coaching, knowledge building, and customer quality assurance designed to target specific areas needed to help an agent improve FCR and customer service performance.

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Employee Recognition

Agents are recognized for delivering great customer service by receiving award points. The award points are based on an agent's customer service performance (e.g., FCR, Csat, and QA), post-call surveys, and call evaluations captured in mySQM™ software and converted to dollars that can be redeemed at most retailers using an SQM debit card.

In addition, our software employee recognition features are the best in the call center industry for motivating agents to improve and provide great FCR and CX. As a result, our VoC agent recognition program is one of the quickest ways to improve FCR, Csat, and customer service.

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Agent Self-Coaching

Agent coaching has never been easier or more effective due to AI insights for improving and providing great FCR and CX performance. Our software uses post-call surveys and QA evaluations to provide personalized intelligence™ on agent CX performance benchmarking, tracking, and individualized coaching opportunities.

In addition, based on agent CX improvement opportunities, identified soft skills and best practices suggestions are automatically provided to agents to improve their FCR and Csat.


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Agent Benchmarking & Ranking

Agent FCR, Csat, and QA are benchmarked, and ranking data is captured and reported in real-time through mySQM™ Customer Service QA software. As a result, many agents improve their FCR and Csat performance by up to 10% as soon as they start benchmarking and ranking agent performance.

One of the best parts about SQM's FCR & Csat benchmarking is that we award and certify world-class performing agents, supervisors, and call centers.

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Customer Quality Assurance

Customer Quality Assurance is a holistic approach because it uses both the VoC and call compliance information to assess call quality. CQA is a best practice for improving the impact of call monitoring on the call center's CX and FCR performance. CQA information (e.g., post-call surveys and call compliance data) is captured and reported through mySQM™ Customer Service QA software.

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Learn about SQM's agent… Csat prediction model, which is based on standardized metrics, AI, and regression analysis to predict customer satisfaction derived from a QA evaluation. Our Csat prediction model provides a high statistical correlation, translating to a 95% success rate in predicting agent Csat in most cases.

mySQM™ Cusomer Service QA Software — Business Case

Learn about the business case for using mySQM™ Customer Service QA software to improve your customer experience and operating costs by focusing on first call resolution, call resolution, customer satisfaction, NPS, quality assurance, and other internal metrics at the call center to the agent levels.

Business Case

Reduce Operating Costs

For every 1% improvement in FCR, you reduce your operating costs by 1%.

Reduce Customers at Risk

95% of customers will continue to do business with the organization as a result of achieving FCR.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

For every 1% improvement in FCR there is a 1% improvement in Csat.

Improve Employee Satisfaction

For every 1% improvement in FCR there can be a 1% to 5% improvement in Esat.

Increase Opportunities to Sell

When a customer's call is resolved the customer cross-selling acceptance rate increases by up to 20%.

Improve Net Promoter Score®

For the average call center, every 1% improvement in FCR increases transactional NPS by 1.4.