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About Our CX Leader Awards


CX Leader Nomination Criteria

The nominations must be based on the employee experience with their manager, director, etc. that meets any of the following attributes. Nominations should be submitted to SQM by any individuals proud of their company’s leaders in charge of improving FCR and customer experience.

Awards Deadline
Awards Deadlines
Feb. 28th Nomination Process Closes
CX Leader Icons

Attributes of a great CX Leader:

  • Passionate about being customer centric
  • Effective at defining the CX the organization wants to deliver and communicating what customers expect
  • Ensures that any employee hired or working in the contact center and/or organization is customer centric
  • Effective at sharing FCR/CX goals, prioritizing FCR/CX initiatives, and ensuring the necessary resources are available for achieving FCR/CX goals and objectives
  • Implements and drives the necessary people, processes, and technology practices to help achieve the FCR and Csat goals
  • Constantly reassesses resources to ensure they are in the right place at the right time
  • Ensures all employees are passionate about resolving calls and doing what it takes to resolve calls, preferably on the first call
  • Ensures all contact center employees are really accountable to FCR, call resolution, and Csat metrics
  • Ensures agent call resolution and Csat are the metrics driving the recognition program
  • Ensures agent call resolution and Csat is the focus of the training and coaching programs
  • Uses a customer quality assurance program versus the traditional quality assurance program
  • Uses customer feedback to identify FCR and CX improvement opportunities, and based on that information makes the necessary people, processes, and technology improvements
  • Ensures voice of the customer metrics (e.g., FCR, Csat, and call resolution) are reported to all levels (agent to C-Level)


Please submit your nomination with the below details, including:

  • how they have acted as the CX Leader and increased FCR and Csat
  • their role/job description as you see it
  • any other awards or internal recognition your leader has received
  • the increase in customer experience you have achieved, the KPI's you used to determine success and the time frame

What our CX Leaders are saying...

What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as a CX leader?

At work, always think like a customer instead of an employee, influence decisions that assist our members to better understand their healthcare benefits, and provide the type of service that is world class as determined by the VoC. - Ken Baur - Security Health Plan

Everything. Without the customer we are nothing. There is no business. In this fast-paced world, where there are so many options, how you treat your employees and how they treat your customer will be the make or break of your business. - Lana Pruett - Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas