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SQM's Leadership Team

The leadership team consists of highly educated professionals who are passionate about helping contact center employees at all levels to improve and provide great customer experience.

Mike Desmarais

Mike Desmarais, MBA

Founder and CEO

Mike received his MBA from Athabasca University in April of 2020. Mike has over 25 years of customer experience management (CXM) experience working with leading North American companies. Mike has written five thought-provoking contact channel CXM books (i.e., World Class Call Center, First Call Resolution, FCR Best Practices, One Contact Resolution, and most recently One Contact Resolution 2nd Edition). Mike has conducted CXM best practice case studies with organizations such as American Express, FedEx, and VSP Vision Care. Also, Mike is a popular contact center industry thought-leader with over 20,000 LinkedIn followers and is considered one of the most influential contributors for CXM in the contact center industry.  

Lara Pow

Lara Pow, DBA, MSc.

Chief Finance and Operations Officer

Lara has a Doctorate in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Mathematical Physics. Lara is a member of the Insights Association, American Marketing Association, and American Association for Public Opinion Research. She has over 15 years of research and analysis experience. Lara has contributed to the research for SQM’s books, World Class Call Center, First Call Resolution, FCR Best Practices and co-authored SQM’s most recent books, One Contact Resolution (1st and 2nd editions). Lara oversees all aspects of operations for SQM including finance, technology, data processing, and product development. Lara joined SQM Group in August of 2006.

Sarah Moffat

Sarah Moffat, Ph.D

Vice President of Research

Sarah completed her Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University of British Columbia, with a focus on Analysis and Optimization. Sarah is a member of the Professional Association for Customer Engagement. She has over ten years of research experience, and her responsibilities include software development, quality assurance, data analysis, customized research, and compliance. Sarah’s primary responsibility is leading a large technology team for the development and implementation of mySQM™ software. Sarah joined SQM Group in January of 2011.

Glen Mah

Glen Mah, BSc.

Senior Vice President of Security and Technology

Glen has over 20 years of I.T. experience and has played a key role in the design and implementation of large corporate and commercial applications. Glen manages the technical team and is responsible for all of SQM’s software development, I.T. Infrastructure, and I.T. Security and Privacy practices. Glen joined SQM Group in January of 1996.

Nader Ghattas

Nader Ghattas, MBA

Senior Vice President of Consulting and Business Development

Nader brings over a decade of experience in CX and EX improvement consulting to SQM. Holding an MBA and an honours degree in business management, Nader started his career as a TSR at SQM. Having moved on to vocations in investment banking, supply chain management and international business, Nader returned to SQM in 2012. As a chief spokesperson for SQM’s powerful customer and employee experience improvement offerings in software innovation, best practice consulting, and awarding, Nader has been passionately promoting CX improvement to the contact center industry.

Jonathan Bepple

Jonathan Bepple, MSc.

Associate Vice President of Client Advocacy

Jonathan completed his MSc in Systems Science at the University of British Columbia, with a focus on model building and analysis. He has over 5 years of research experience and his responsibilities include customer account management, business development, data analysis, and customized research. Jonathan joined SQM Group in April of 2017.