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The Top Call Center FCR and CX Improvement Books

Are you in need of research, best practices or case studies on the contact center industry?

SQM publishes contact center industry books on a regular basis, and at present, have 5 in depth books available for your purchase and reading pleasure. While each book has slightly different content, the core lessons within each book are how to take your contact center from its current state, into a world class performing state. This can be accomplished by analyzing the data within the books as to how it relates to your industry, taking one or more of the best practices from a book and implementing them into your organization, or simply by learning from other leading organizations as to what works, how it works, and the challenges involved with rolling out a new customer experience strategy.

CX Improvement Books

One Contact Resolution
2nd Edition

This book builds on our One Contact Resolution book with contact channel customer experience research from award-winning organizations. The Top 10 Customer Experience metrics are highlighted throughout this book and introduces the Customer Emotion Experience metric.

Includes topics about the barriers organizations encounter that hinder OCR improvements such as:

  • Issues with technology and or cross-departmental communication
  • Lack of OCR awareness
  • Lack of overall customer experience accountability (siloed environment)


One Contact Resolution 2nd Edition Book

One Contact Resolution

This book covers operational and customer research about customers’ experiences using contact channels to resolve their inquiries or problem. This book focuses on the multi-channel experience and looks at how to use customer feedback to drive continuous improvements across all contact channel options. Our newest metric (OCR – One Contact Resolution) is also introduced as a supplementary measure to the FCR metric.

Includes case studies from many award-winning North American organizations such as:

  • Amex Canada Inc.
  • FedEx
  • Sunlife Financial

One Contact Resolution

First Contact Resolved
Best Practices

This book focuses on defining, sharing research, client success stories and best practices for improving a call centers FCR, as well as introduces the Top 10 Best Practices for improving a call centers performance. Research is based on the over 1,000,000 customer surveys SQM conducted with individuals over the prior year. Includes case studies from many leading North American organizations.

Top 10 best practices include topics such as:

  • Why FCR is the metric that should matter the most
  • The expected FCR gains from making improvements
  • The top 13 barriers to improving FCR

First Contact Resolved Best Practices

First Call Resolution

This book covers the Top 10 First Contact Resolution Best Practices and their corresponding case studies as they relate to customer experience within the contact center industry. In addition, the book introduces SQM’s recent multi-channel research and the impact of a seamless omni-channel experience on call center performance.

Includes case studies on the below clients:

  • Canadian Tire Financial Services
  • MedSolutions
  • VSP Vision Care

First Call Resolution

World Class Call Center

This book introduces call center managers and directors to the variables that can impact a call centers performance, as well as how to measure and improve their performance to become World Class. This is SQM’s first call center research book and will answer the question “What makes world-class call centers wildly successfully with great first call resolution, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and low cost per call resolution performance”.

Discover radical new thinking on topics such as:

  • Why the call center’s primary role is about retaining vs creating new customer
  • Ways that technology can be used to improve first call resolution
  • Why bonus and recognition programs need 100% focus on customer satisfaction

World Class Call Center

Author Mike Desmarais

Mike Desmarais, MBA

Founder and CEO of SQM Group

Mike has over 25 years of contact center service quality measurement, benchmarking and consulting experience.

Contact Mike on LinkedIn

Author Lara Pow

Lara Pow, DBA

Chief Finance and Operations Officer of SQM Group

Lara has a Doctorate in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Mathematical Physics. She has over 15 years of research and analysis experience.

Lara Pow