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6 of the Best Agent Customer Service Coaching Stories from Award Winning Supervisors

November 8, 2021 | 2min read

What is Customer Service Coaching Storytelling?

Customer service storytelling is a communication and supervisor coaching practice used with all agents to improve customer service performance. Storytelling assists supervisors in delivering a message in a way that coaches, engages, and inspires agents and helps them understand what great customer service looks like.

Great customer service storytelling is a communication method to gain agent buy-in. Compelling storytelling can capture both the hearts and minds of agents to deliver the intended customer service.

Are you a new supervisor? Or a tenured supervisor looking for ways to improve your team's customer service performance? Or have you recently been promoted to oversee a group of supervisors and need some direction on what a world-class Csat supervisor does? If so, you're in the right place! Each year SQM compiles a library of supervisory Csat coaching stories from our customer service award-winning clients, including our Supervisor of the Year Award.

Supervisor Coaching Stories

These stories are about how a supervisor coached an agent to work on their knowledge, skills, and abilities for a call type that they historically were unable to resolve and improve customer service. Moreover, learn how high-performing supervisors coach poor Csat performing agents and turn them into great Csat performers.

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Customer Service Coaching Storytelling Can Facilitate:

  • Agent understanding what great customer service looks like
  • Creating and reinforcing customer service-centricity
  • Describing great and poor customer service
  • Inspiration and motivation to improve CX
  • Making intellectual and emotional connections
  • Helping customers and agents relate
  • Customer empathy and caring
  • Sharing of the business case for enhancing CX
  • Providing a memorable positive CX
  • Background insights for improving CX
  • What customers think or feel about their CX
  • Bringing CX improvement ideas to life
  • Engaging agents on how to deliver great CX
  • Draw agents into the story, so they listen
  • Helping agents to remember what they learned

The Power of Great Customer Service Coaching Storytelling

Customer service storytelling communication and VoC coaching include the following:

  • Customer issue or problem
  • Thinking and feelings of the customer
  • Impact on company goals
  • Intended customer service experience

While many contact centers try to provide great customer service, only 5% provide world-class customer service, and only a few of those companies have become legendary for it. Many supervisors and agents struggle with understanding what great customer service looks like.

Great customer service storytelling is a best practice for supervisors to use to help all agents understand and emulate to deliver a memorable positive customer experience (CX). In addition, great customer service storytelling can help create and reinforce a customer service-centric culture, which can be the catalyst for delivering customer service at the world-class customer satisfaction (Csat) level.


To inspire you, we've presented 6 of the best customer service coaching stories from award-winning Csat supervisors. The supervisors referred to in these success stories have been certified by SQM as award-winning FCR, Csat, and call resolution performers. The customer service stories are the "best of the best FCR and CX stories" from a collection of thousands of CX success stories submitted to SQM by our clients.

Each customer service story illustrates what a supervisor did to coach an agent to deliver great customer service. We hope the 6 stories provide you with some good insights into what great customer service coaching looks like and your agents can emulate.

Supervisor CX Success Stories

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