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Customer Service Infographic - Great Facts to Help Call Centers Improve CX

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What is First Call Resolution Impact on Customer Service?

The FCR metric is essential for monitoring a call center's operating cost efficiency and customer service delivery effectiveness. As a result, FCR is one of the most-watched call center industry metrics and is considered the most important call center metric.

FCR is the driver for providing great customer service infographic

What is the Impact of Great Customer Satisfaction?

There is a strong business case for a call center to strive to improve or deliver great customer service. However, accurately understanding that a call center has improved or provided great customer service requires measuring customer satisfaction using a post-call survey method.

impact of great customer satisfaction infographic

Agents Working From Home Impact on Call Center Csat?

In 2021, 10% more call centers' Csat rating declined than in 2020 compared to the pre-COVID-19 Csat rating (2019) for the call center industry. SQM believes that the Csat decline in 2021 is primarily due to agent turnover and the highly competitive labor market, which remains an issue in 2022.

  • 87% of agents are currently working from home
  • Gallup poll showed that two-thirds of employees would like to continue working remotely
work from home impact on call center csat infographic

What is a Good First Call Resolution Rate?

Before we share "what is a good FCR rate insight," we need to emphasize the importance of FCR. The FCR metric should be considered the most important call center metric of all metrics and KPIs due to the positive impact on a call center's operating cost efficiency and customer service delivery effectiveness.

what is a good first call resolution rate infographic

Persona Communication Styles Percentage Distribution Breakdown and the Impact on Csat

Persona Styles represent the communication approach they use in interacting with an agent. The below distribution breakdown indicates that each persona has a significant percentage, which suggests that for an agent to provide great CX and improve Csat, they need to understand each persona's communication style.

The influencer persona communication style (e.g., highly expressive & told the agent the solution they wanted) is 34% and is the highest persona demographic.

persona communication style distribution infographic

Persona Communication Style compact on Csat top box response breakdown is the following:

  • The analyzer Csat is 73%, and the driver is 76%; these personas can be tougher graders
  • The influencer is 78%, and the supporter is 80%; these personas can be friendly, collaborative, agreeable, and an easier grader
persona communication style impact on customer satisfaction infographic

Agent Satisfaction for Supervisor Coaching Effectiveness?

As most call center leaders know, supervisor coaching agents is critical for helping a call center improve customer service. SQM research shows, in most cases, call center overall Csat improvement comes from agents who are 1st and 2nd quartile Csat performers versus 3rd and 4th quartile Csat performers. Therefore, we recommend that supervisors invest approximately 50 to 75% of their coaching time with 1st and 2nd  quartile Csat performing agents and 25 to 50% of their time with 3rd and 4th quartile Csat performing agents.

agent satisfaction for supervisor coaching effectiveness infographic

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