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The Best Call Center in North America for an Agent to Work At

Learn About Their Hiring Practices

May 5, 2022 | 2min read

Agent Tenure and FCR Results

At SQM we are often asked, “who is the best performing call center for an agent to work at?” It is our view that the best call center in North America for an agent to work at for the last 10 years continues to be Canadian Tire Bank. Here is what they have to say:


“Our call center employee tenure speaks volumes about the success of our hiring practices. At Canadian Tire average tenure is 12 years for agents, supervisors is at 15 years, and management is at 18 years.

Our overall agent attrition rate is 8%, which is significantly lower than the call center industry average. Our hiring practice has played a significant role in our world-class FCR performance that we have consistently achieved for the last 10 years and winning SQM’s call center of the year award 7 times.”


“At Canadian Tire, delivering consistently high customer service experiences is a philosophy woven into the organization’s “Customers for Life” culture. As a result, every agent at our award-winning call center is completely aligned with the mission to deliver world-class customer service and is accountable for FCR and Csat.”

Hiring Practice

Agent Hiring Practices

They hold agent job fairs throughout the year, for all jobs within the call center. The majority of their job fairs are explicitly held to solicit friends and family from their current employees who know their culture, understand their values, and live by them every day.

​They attract thousands of interested candidates for call center jobs. Their job fairs are structured to efficiently screen and interview a large number of candidates in order to respect their time.

​To ensure that the job hiring is efficient, they have their human resource department pre-screen agent candidates prior to the job fair and provide them with a time for a face-to-face interview. This hiring practice has proven to be very effective and ensures that our potential agent candidates receive a response quickly.

Canadian Tire Agent Selection Best Practice

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