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With the new year quickly approaching, we thought it would be helpful to share our Top 10 most popular blogs in 2022 that can help your call center improve customer service QA performance in 2023.

At SQM Group, we are frequently asked if there is a silver bullet to delivering great call center customer service. Unfortunately, at SQM, we can safely say there is no silver bullet to answer this question.

However, call center leaders can enhance their knowledge, skills, and abilities with SQM Group's blogs on the latest research and best practices for delivering great customer service QA.

SQM call center industry blogs are an excellent way to enhance your thinking and inform you about new call center research, tips, and best practices for delivering superior customer service.

SQM blogs are based on benchmarking and tracking customer service performance with over 500 leading North American call centers. So if you want to stay in the know, sign up for SQM Group's RSS feed and have our Customer Service QA blogs delivered straight to your inbox upon publication.

We wish you a successful 2023 in your Customer Service QA Efforts. Happy reading!

top 25 call handling word choices and phrases agents need to use to deliver great csat blog thumbnail

Top 25 Call Handling Word Choices and Phrases Agents Need to Use to Deliver Great Csat

Not only do customer service scripts, word choices, and phrases provide your agents with real-time support if they need it, but they are also excellent tools for training new agents.

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5 steps for improving call center supervisor effectiveness blog thumbnail

5 Steps for Improving Call Center Supervisor Effectiveness

Your call center’s customer service success depends on your supervisor's agent coaching effectiveness for improving and sustaining high FCR and Csat.

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leadership development comprehensive guide blog thumbnail

Leadership Development: A Comprehensive Guide

This comprehensive leadership development guide will answer five important call center leadership questions to help achieve high Csat and agent engagement.

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what is the right leadership style for a call center blog thumbnail

What Is the Right Leadership Style for a Call Center?

To help determine the primary leadership style you use at your call center, read our blog describing the most common call center leadership styles.

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top 10 customer satisfaction skills that agents must have blog thumbnail

Top 10 Customer Satisfaction Skills That Agents Must Have

Why are Agent Csat Skills Essential to Deliver Great CX? When Csat improves, the source for the improvement is the customer satisfaction skills of your agents.

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top 5 call center agent performance metrics blog thumbnail

Top 5 Call Center Agent Performance Metrics

Call centers can use many KPI metrics to create accountability for agent performance, but only a handful of agent metrics drive great customer service.

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is the call center WFH model after COVID-19 here to stay blog thumbnail

Is the Call Center WFH Model After COVID-19 Here to Stay?

SQM Group has conducted ground-breaking research on “is the call center WFH model here to stay after COVID-19?” Discover the pre/post-COVID-19 customer and employee experience results.

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five empathy statements for achieving great csat blog thumbnail

Five Empathy Statements for Achieving Great Csat

To ensure agents deliver customer empathy consistently, they need to be trained, coached, and monitored through their QA program and post-call survey feedback.

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customer rapport the key ingredient for agents providing great Csat blog thumbnail

Customer Rapport – the Key Ingredient for Agents Providing Great Csat

Learn why building customer rapport is one of the essential agent skills required for delivering great customer service.

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how to create a customer service QA form blog thumbnail

How to Create a Customer Service QA Form – With a Scorecard Example

We believe the customer service QA form we share can be helpful to call centers to create a QA form to improve CX and lower operating costs.

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