CX Best Practice - Emerging Channels - Overview


Emerging Channels (Chat, Video Chat, Mobile Application) Best Practices for Improving CX

The chat contact channel has been in place for many years but did not initially achieve high customer acceptance. However, the chat contact channel has started to gain customer acceptance. Customer acceptance for using the chat contact channel is based on response time, ease of use, and whether it is helpful in answering customer inquiries and problems for both authenticated and non-authenticated contact type reasons. The main reasons why customers are more willing to use the chat contact channel now are:

  • This channel has been around for many years so customers are getting used to it
  • Generations X and Y are now the generations that contact organizations the most and have a higher propensity for using chat compared to other generations
  • The chat channel has improved in speed for answering questions quickly
Many organizations are adding a chat feature to their mobile self-service application. The chat feature on mobile devices provides an organization with the opportunity to support customers at the customer’s convenience, so that they can communicate with an organization anywhere. Given that most people have a smartphone, and many organizations are adding the chat feature to their mobile self-service application, the rise of chat usage is certain. The chat channel may currently have limited uses as it is typically used for only sales and general information.


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