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SQM is dedicated to helping call centers improve their First Call Resolution, customer and employee experience, and lower their operating cost. To help you with that, we have developed blog posts based on research and best practices for people, processes, and technology to improve customer’s experiences doing business with your call center and employees working in your call center.

What separates our call center customer service blogs from other organizations is that they are based on customer, employee, and operational research. SQM blogs are based on our research for conducting over 500 VoC benchmarking studies with leading North American call centers on customer service on an annual basis.

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FCR is More Than a Metric, it’s an Operating Philosophy
FCR is the KING of all call center metrics - learn how to measure it and improve it to reduce operating costs, improve Csat, and the NPS®.
The Impact of FCR on NPS
Find the impact that FCR has on NPS and how improving First Call resolution will increase promoters and reduce detractors.
Top 10 Call Center Best Practices for Improving First Call Resolution
Top 10 call center best practices for improving First Call Resolution (FCR) are based on our customer and employee FCR research.
How Has Working from Home Impacted FCR and Agent Experience?
Our 2020 call center research shows that 82% of Agents currently Work From Home versus 2019, where less than 20% of Agents worked from home.

Employee Experience 5 min read
Does Call Length Impact Your First Call Resolution Rate?
Our customer experience survey research shows that the FCR rate goes down the longer the call length.
Top 3 Agent Recognition Tips for Improving FCR
Learn how to improve first call resolution by motivating your employees through recognition.
Top 10 Tips for First Call Resolution Improvement
Tips for improving First Call Resolution are based on conducting customer and employee research.
5 Tips for Improving First Call Resolution
It is often said that it is hard to measure FCR accurately but even harder to improve FCR. Find the top five tips for improving FCR.
Calculate First Call Resolution Rate
Quickly learn how to calculate your First Call Resolution Rate.
FCR Measurement to Improve CX and Reduce Cost
Understand your FCR rate, identify repeat call reasons, and determine the root causes to help you develop a plan to action and improve your FCR rate.
FCR Benefits for Healthcare
Should FCR improvement matter to you as a healthcare insurance call center?
First Call Resolution Reimagined
FCR is the KING of all call center metrics because it measures your customer experience (CX) performance.
Persona Communication Styles
SQM has developed ground-breaking research on how CSRs in Call Centers can adapt their communication styles to match their customer’s style leading to…