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mySQM™ QA - A 360º Platform that Ensures Call Compliance and Transforms CX

mySQM™ QA uses a single platform for call centers to capture and automate scoring. The call handling, compliance, and benchmark data insights help transform your QA program to provide great CX, lower costs, protect the business, and predict Csat.

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CX Improvement

Up to 10% improvement in Csat, FCR, and QA results in the first year.

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Coaching Insights

Our 360º QA approach delivers tremendous holistic insights for coaching and training agents to improve Csat, FCR, QA, and call compliance.

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360º Feedback

Using three data sources provides a more objective overview of Csat, FCR, QA, call compliance, and improvement opportunities.

360º Feedback Approach to Transform QA

Our 360º feedback platform is built to transform traditional QA to ensure a positive impact on improving CX and lowering operating costs. mySQM™ Customer Service QA software includes monitoring call compliance and CX sentiment data using artificial intelligence (AI) and through a post-call phone or email survey of the service they received from the call center agent.

mySQM™ uses post-call surveys, CX sentiment, and call compliance information to assess and automate call quality from a holistic viewpoint and is considered a best practice for improving the impact of call monitoring on the call center's FCR and CX performance. If properly implemented, a call center can expect notable increases in Csat, FCR, and Esat metrics. SQM uses a combination of standardized and customized metrics to help clients improve CX and lower costs.

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Achieve Higher Csat, FCR, and QA Scores

Most traditional QA programs are designed to meet the organization's needs, not the customer's needs. In fact, SQM's ground-breaking research shows that traditional QA practices have little or no impact on improving Csat. With a 360º feedback approach, a call center can achieve up to 10% improvement in Csat, FCR, and QA results in the first year. The main reason why Csat is higher is the 360º feedback approach for evaluating calls and creating agent accountability for mySQMº QA score (e.g., the total score from all data sources).

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Better Agent Coaching Insights

360º feedback approach gives supervisors and trainers tremendous insights for coaching and training agents to improve Csat, FCR, and call compliance. Our 360º approach uses post-call phone or email survey customer feedback to evaluate if the customer's needs are being met. The survey focuses on call quality metrics that the customer can judge, such as their satisfaction with the agent and whether their call was resolved. Combining the surveys with QA and call compliance data to evaluate the call provides a holistic view of the interaction.

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Bring The Voice Of The Customer Into Quality Assurance

By letting the customer be the judge, the subjectivity of the QA process is removed, providing a more objective overview of CX and opportunities for improving Csat, FCR, and call compliance. 360º feedback uses post-call surveys to judge call quality to enhance, not replace, the established call monitoring process. The external evaluation determines if the customer’s needs are met and is judged by the only person who can judge the customer's experience - the customers themselves. Call compliance, and QA continue to be assessed on metrics that a customer would not be able to measure or is more effective to evaluate using AI.

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