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mySQM™ Customer Service QA Software - Core Standard Features

Our core standard customer service QA software features provide powerful insights based on customer surveys, quality assurance, and call compliance captured and reported data to assist agents, analysts, and managers in benchmarking, tracking, and improving QA, FCR, Csat, and reducing operating costs.

Core Standard Features Overview

mySQM™ Customer Service QA Software – is a CX and QA management software designed on a SaaS platform. The standard features of mySQM™ Customer Service QA software are designed to capture, analyze, benchmark, track, report, and action FCR, Csat, quality assurance, and call compliance from the agent to the call center level. Furthermore, we offer automated QA to monitor 100% of the calls and score all calls for call handling and compliance adherence.

At the heart of mySQM™ Customer Service QA software are six core standard features: data capture, data analytics, data visualization, highly customizable, providing real-time notifications, and listening to recorded customer feedback.


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Data Capture

Our 360° QA approach captures and combines three data sources: (1) CX post-call surveys, (2) call handling, and (3) call compliance feedback using a single platform and AI to provide holistic CX insights. We offer automated QA to monitor 100% of the calls and score all calls for call handling and compliance adherence.

The flexible customer survey quota feature lets you determine if you want the quota at the agent, supervisor, line of business, or call center level. Post-call customer surveys can be conducted and captured minutes after an interaction or within one day: capture, store, and access customer survey data from any survey methodology and internal data source.

All captured data is stored in one place. By consolidating your data sources into one tool, you receive comprehensive insights into your call center's FCR, call compliance, Cost, QA, Csat, and NPS performance. In addition, raw data can be easily exported through the scheduled and customizable features of the software.

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Data Analytics

The software provides data analytics for assessing performance and identifying KPIs such as Csat, FCR, QA, call compliance, and cost improvement opportunities from the agent to the call center level. Benchmark your KPIs performance from the agent to the call center level against average and world-class performers.

Preconfigured reports evaluate performance and provide targeted opportunities for mySQM™ QA score, call compliance, FCR, Csat, NPS, and cost improvement. Data analysis can also be completely customized to meet your needs through our advanced pivot table functionality. Easily conduct repeat call root cause analysis through our sophisticated repeat call tagging system.

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Data Visualization

mySQM™ QA software provides comprehensive data visualization (e.g., mySQM™ QA score, FCR, Csat, NPS, cost, AHT, QA, etc.) from the agent to the call center level. We offer dashboards, QA scores, and scorecards that are easy to understand and, most importantly, action.

We use 10 KPIs to determine a mySQM™ QA score approach to deliver a holistic 360º view to help agents and managers measure, benchmark, and improve their service, call quality, and cost performance. In addition, data visualization is highly flexible and can be easily customized and saved for reuse.

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Highly Customizable

mySQM™ QA software allows you to easily customize many features, including dashboards, scorecards, reporting, data filters, access levels, real-time notifications, CX, call compliance, and QA metrics. Highly customizable features allow your employees to focus on what is important to them and your call center. We recommend that call centers use our mySQM™ QA metrics with customizable metrics to meet client needs further. 

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Real-Time Notifications

Real-time notifications can be customized so that you can act quickly to improve CX and QA. For example, receive real-time service recovery notifications for poor CX, call compliance issues, or low QA scores to quickly resolve customer complaints and non-compliance problems. Also, receive real-time notifications about world class Csat interactions and QA scores so you can recognize excellent agent service delivery.

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Recorded Customer Feedback

Listen to the actual voice of the customer's recorded feedback (e.g., surveys, call recordings) from their experience using your call center. Hear the joy or pain in the customer's voice in their interactions with your agent's service delivery and leverage this for powerful coaching and recognition opportunities.

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Learn about SQM's agent… Csat prediction model, which is based on standardized metrics, AI, and regression analysis to predict customer satisfaction derived from a QA evaluation. Our Csat prediction model provides a high statistical correlation, translating to a 95% success rate in predicting agent Csat in most cases.

mySQM™ Cusomer Service QA Software — Business Case

Learn about the business case for using mySQM™ Customer Service QA software to improve your customer experience and operating costs by focusing on first call resolution, call resolution, customer satisfaction, NPS, quality assurance, and other internal metrics at the call center to the agent levels.

Business Case

Reduce Operating Costs

For every 1% improvement in FCR, you reduce your operating costs by 1%.

Reduce Customers at Risk

95% of customers will continue to do business with the organization as a result of achieving FCR.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

For every 1% improvement in FCR there is a 1% improvement in Csat.

Improve Employee Satisfaction

For every 1% improvement in FCR there can be a 1% to 5% improvement in Esat.

Increase Opportunities to Sell

When a customer's call is resolved the customer cross-selling acceptance rate increases by up to 20%.

Improve Net Promoter Score®

For the average call center, every 1% improvement in FCR increases transactional NPS by 1.4.