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SQM is dedicated to helping call centers improve their First Call Resolution, customer and employee experience, and lower their operating cost. To help you with that, we have developed blog posts based on research and best practices for people, processes, and technology to improve customer’s experiences doing business with your call center and employees working in your call center.

What separates our call center customer service blogs from other organizations is that they are based on customer, employee, and operational research. SQM blogs are based on our research for conducting over 500 VoC benchmarking studies with leading North American call centers on customer service on an annual basis.

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First Call Resolution (FCR): A Comprehensive Guide
Uncover the definition, benefits, measurement, and tips for improving one of the most crucial call center metrics – first call resolution. FCR is a metric that measures a contact center's ability for its agents to resolve a customer's inquiry or problem on the first call or contact.
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Call Center Agent VoC Performance Management is the Number One Best Practice for Improving FCR and CX
The Impact of FCR on NPS
Find the impact that FCR has on NPS and how improving First Call resolution will increase promoters and reduce detractors.
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SQM has developed ground-breaking research on how CSRs in Call Centers can adapt their communication styles to match their customer’s style leading to…