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Why and How to Nominate your Supervisor for this Award

To be eligible and potentially win the Supervisor of the Year award, you must have completed the following four steps. Step 1 is utilizing SQM Group’s services to obtain feedback from your customers about how your organization is performing. Step 2 targets feedback from customers about a supervisor’s specific agents and the service they provided to those customers. Step 3 is where the Supervisors coaching, mentoring, and escalation management skills are detailed and sent to SQM for judging purposes. Step 4 is the final one where you register for and attend our annual conference where you will have the ability to learn, network, celebrate successes together, and find out who the newest Supervisor of the Year will be!


Step 1

Become a client of SQM’s customer experience services to measure your individual employees key performance metrics related to CX (Resolution, satisfaction, etc).

Step 2

Get your Supervisor World Class Certified by ensuring their team achieves a minimum of 200 customer telephone surveys over the calendar year and have an 85% or better WCC rate.

Step 3

Illustrate your Supervisors outstanding coaching, mentoring and leadership abilities by following our criteria and nomination process below and nominate your Supervisor by the published deadline.

Step 4

Attend the annual SQM CX Conference and watch your Supervisor be recognized for being the best of the best, as well as find out who is awarded as the outstanding Supervisor of the Year!

About Our Supervisor of the Year Award

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Customer surveys must consist of at least 3 consecutive months of surveys between January 1st, to December 31st, and have a minimum of 200 attributable surveys. At least 85% of these surveys must be scored as World Class (customer was very satisfied with CSR and their call was resolved).

A trophy in the shape of a Q embedded with a line graph.


  • Winner will receive a trophy, medallion, and $1,000 cash!
  • Finalists will receive a medallion and a plaque
  • Winner will be announced at SQM's Annual Conference
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Awards Deadlines
Jan. 31st World Class Certified Supervisors Announced
Feb. 20th Nominations Due
Mar. 11th Finalists Announced
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Interview With Supervisor of the Year

Nomination Process

The nominations must be based on a Supervisors experience that meets any of the following criteria. Stories should be chosen and submitted to SQM by senior management. Organizations can submit an unlimited number of nominations as long as each Supervisor is certified World Class. All Supervisor of the Year and finalist stories will be published.

Describe how the Supervisor:

  • provided an agent with knowledge and skills to resolve a call type that historically they were unable to handle or resolve
  • provided encouragement and support to help an agent improve their customer experience performance
  • changed a poor performing agent to a World Class performer based on effective coaching
  • actually handled tough or escalated calls to show their agents how to resolve those calls

Interested in learning how supervisors from previous years are fast becoming our new customer experience leaders?

Check out our full collection of SQM’s Supervisor of the Year finalist stories from previous years for tips on how these Supervisors continually achieve their performance metrics, adapted to individual agent learning styles to allow for the most effective coaching sessions, bettered their team and or companies approach to delivering exceptional service, as well as examples of the stories we request for judging purposes.

Additional Ways to Ensure Your Supervisors Continue to Excel

Browse our collection of FCR Best Practices studies focused directly on the employees that a supervisor works with, the customer service representatives! These are the individuals who provide your customers with their experience every time they reach out to your company, so make sure they are being mentored and managed in the best possible way.  Supervisor Best Practices include CSR Coaching, CSR Performance Management, CSR Career Development and more.

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