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Discover Your Team's Agent Cost-Effectiveness

Find out which agents need more training or performance management. Use our tool below to calculate and chart your team's call resolution improvement return on investment.

Measure Your Team's Agent Cost-Effectiveness

Use our cost-effectiveness calculator to discover your call center's potential operational savings for each percentage point increase in call resolution and the excellent ROI opportunity you have by using mySQM™ Customer Service QA software. Our clients' average ROI is 450% with a payback period of 3 months or less. Over 70% of our tracking clients improve their First Call Resolution (FCR) and Call Resolution performance year-over-year, and many new clients increase their FCR improvement by 5% or more within one year.

Agent Cost-Effectiveness Quad Map & ROI Calculator

Generate a quad map that shows agent cost-effectiveness based on customer satisfaction and the cost per call resolution for up to 16 different agents. The cost per call resolution calculation is the cost per call multiplied by the average number of calls required to resolve the inquiry. For example, a $12.35 cost per call resolution is based on the cost per call ($8.82) multiplied by the average number of calls required to resolve the inquiry (1.4), resulting in $8.82 x 1.4 = $12.35.

By entering your team's average agent salary and the average agent calls handled per day, as well as agent performance for customer satisfaction (Csat) and calls resolved for each individual agent in that team:

  • Agent Csat: the percentage of customers who were overall very satisfied (top box survey response) with the agent who handled their call.
  • Calls Resolved: the percentage of customers who said the agent resolved their inquiry.

Inputting this data, you will find out how much operational savings your call center team will gain by using mySQM™ Customer Service QA software, which has a proven track record for helping clients improve FCR. It only takes a few minutes to calculate your team's call resolution improvement ROI.

Agent Cost Effectiveness Calculator

Individual Agent Data
Agent Cost Effectiveness Team Improvement ROI
Calls Resolved Improvement Operational Savings ROI
Team Improvement ROI Interpretation: For every 1% improvement in call resolution, the corresponding operational savings and ROI for using our mySQM™ FCR Insights software.