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2017 Great Supervisor CX Improvement Success Stories

A Trait that Matters

“Alex can hear a situation going good or bad.”

Alex Rambert joined Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina in September of 2014. The trait that attracted us to Alex was his commitment towards developing a strong team of end users who truly understood what it meant to have a “customer first” mindset. With a passion for coaching, Alex has been committed to developing positive behaviors in his team that focus on member experience, resolution, and customer empowerment. Everyday Alex challenges his team to make minor adjustments in their daily interactions that will help drive the performance of his team to exceed the expectations of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina and ultimately produce a lasting impression of stellar customer service with our members.

Alex understands that we have a diverse staff and that in order to get results, just as we ask our front-line staff to flex with the members, he has to be able to flex his coaching styles to obtain the best results from each member of his team. Utilizing previous years of coaching experience from other positions, coupled with proactively taking courses offered through Blue University (BCBSNC Corporate Training Program), Alex has successfully been able to identify which tools, coaching, or training styles work best with each individual member of his team to get the best results. Understanding that the team is more than just those who report to him, Alex also uses those same techniques to provide training assistance to other leaders as well so that they too can see a positive impact in their team’s performance and behaviors.

Using a variety of data sources, Alex looks for opportunities to always fine tune his team’s interaction to get the best customer experience. Being strategic with implementation of his tools, Alex blocks time during each shift in which he focuses in on historic member survey results. During this time, he reviews World Class Calls, Unresolved Calls, Action Alerts, and Quality Assurance calls to see what’s working, and what areas we have opportunities from past calls. Along with pulling historic data to review calls, Alex is also a firm believer of In-The-Moment coaching and therefore his floor presence allows him to provide continual coaching to his team. By listening to vocal queues while monitoring his team, Alex can hear a situation going good or bad and then able to offer tips and suggestions to help the Customer Service Professional before a call has a chance to go astray. This has been one of the greatest practices that has helped turn the tide of performance regarding customer experience.

Evidence of Alex’s commitment to customer service excellence by his team is obvious looking at his results. Alex’s knowledge and efficiency with the SQM tool allows him to immediately identify, trend and coach both positive experiences and areas of opportunities. By identifying trends that would negatively impact the member experience, Alex conducted calibration sessions, side by side learning labs, and role play coaching tactics that would turn the team’s performance around. This led to significant improvement in his team’s quality for 2017, which was the largest improvement for the contact center. The front-line staff, leadership staff, and most importantly, our members all recognize and see the impact that Alex Rambert has when it comes to the member experience.

Alex Rambert – Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina