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Discover The SQM Way

The SQM Way explains who we are as a company, what we believe in, how we achieve results, and where we aspire to go in the future.

​The SQM Way establishes a common understanding of what it means for our employees and all people who interact with us. The SQM Way has stood the test of time and is an integral part of our past, present, and future. Discover the path to continued and future success as we develop our company’s technology, people, and practices to help improve the lives of our own employees, our clients' employees, and our clients' customer experiences doing business with them.

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Our Vision...

To transform our company to a SaaS business model, powered by mySQM™ CX Software for helping contact centers improve CX.

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Our Mission...

To help contact centers improve their customer and employee experience performance – one individual at a time.

Our Culture...

Everyone of us is here to transform ourselves, our company, and our clients for the better.

We don't believe the ends justify the means. Do the right thing.

We're capable of so much more when we work together.

Act Like an Owner
Make good investments by treating money as if it was your own.

We set clear goals, measure our success, and fix what doesn’t work. We deliver.

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SQM's Core Services

Our core services include our CXM software (mySQMTM CX Insights), conducting customer and employee surveys, analyses, benchmarking, reporting, consulting, and awarding.

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CXM Software

SQM has been a leading provider of CXM software for helping contact centers deliver great customer and employee experiences with our mySQM™

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CX Research

SQM’s CX research services allow you to measure how your contact center is performing now, and track your improvement moving forward.

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CX Awarding

SQM’s awards are the most prestigious and sought-after contact center industry awards in North America.