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New BlueCross BlueShield National Contract with SQM

Press Release Published on December, 2012

SQM has been selected as a preferred national supplier for First Call Resolution (FCR) measurement in the contact center, available to all Eligible Purchasers. This new three-year agreement has one-year renewal options thereafter.

SQM specializes in measuring FCR and customer satisfaction (Csat) for all transactions with the contact center – live calls with a customer service representative (CSR), email contacts, chat or Web transactions. Measurement is done through a survey with members within eight minutes to 24 hours after their contact with the call center. The survey itself can be administered via live survey with a live interviewer, via email or by fully automated Interactive Voice Response. All survey data is available in real-time through SQM’s Web portal with more than 120 pre-formatted reports already built and designed for the different user access levels.

SQM is the preferred national vendor for the Member Touchpoint Measures (MTM) FCR measure. SQM, the vendor with which the Association piloted the entire MTM program since 2007, follows the MTM FCR measurement requirements set down by the Association. MTM requires surveys to be conducted twice a year, using a live survey on a randomized sample of calls that meet the MTM criteria.

Above and beyond MTM FCR requirements, SQM works with Plans to measure and consult on how to improve FCR for all channels, using multiple survey methods. The benefit of ongoing surveying is that FCR, as a critical measure, can be built into the entire performance management program of the call center so that CSRs, supervisors, managers and leaders can be measured, coached and rewarded on feedback from members. In addition, other areas not subject to MTM program guidelines can be measured in a consistent manner.

SQM has demonstrated that 83 percent of Plans that use surveying on an ongoing basis have an average FCR improvement of 5 percent with direct corresponding savings in operational costs.

SQM offers:

  • Measurement of FCR and Csat for live, IVR, email and web transactions.
  • Measurement of member, provider, FEP, producer, outsourcer and “carve out” contacts.
  • Deep experience in the application of different methods of surveying – live interviewer, automated IVR, email and SMS surveying.
  • Real-time reporting of data through SQM’s Web-based reporting tool.
  • A unique World Class Certification program based on the voice of the customer.
  • Ability to track and respond to Action Alert member interactions.
  • Benchmarking with the Blue System and beyond into the call center industry.
  • Entry into a unique North American Industry Award program based on FCR.
  • Consulting and training on how to improve FCR, based on SQM’s book, “First Call Resolution”.
  • Measurement of employee satisfaction with FCR.

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