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We all know that in today’s increasingly challenging contact center arena that it is essential to provide an exceptional customer experience to ensure that customers stay loyal to your organization. SQM is here to help you with that with our consistent blog posts focusing on trends in the contact center industry, as well as best practices for delivering the experience your customers expect. Research shows that a customer’s experiences will have a great influence on their personal networks and their peers, so follow us and make sure you are delivering a world class service model! Keep up with SQM’s latest customer experience research articles, whitepapers, webinars, and certification courses by signing up here for our marketing emails.

Most Customers Do Not Like to Channel Hop
SQM’s groundbreaking research shows how customers navigate through an organization’s contact channels when resolving an inquiry or problem.
One Contact Resolution - The Metric that Matters the Most
One Contact Resolution is based on customers resolving their inquiry on the first call and not using another contact channel.