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SQM is dedicated to helping call centers improve their First Call Resolution, customer and employee experience, and lower their operating cost. To help you with that, we have developed blog posts based on research and best practices for people, processes, and technology to improve customer’s experiences doing business with your call center and employees working in your call center.

What separates our call center customer service blogs from other organizations is that they are based on customer, employee, and operational research. SQM blogs are based on our research for conducting over 500 VoC benchmarking studies with leading North American call centers on customer service on an annual basis.

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Editor's Pick

First Call Resolution (FCR): A Comprehensive Guide
Uncover the definition, benefits, measurement, and tips for improving one of the most crucial call center metrics – first call resolution. FCR is a metric that measures a contact center's ability for its agents to resolve a customer's inquiry or problem on the first call or contact.
Celebrating Success: Recognizing Call Center Agents for Outstanding Customer Service
It is crucial to recognize call center agents when they are delivering outstanding customer service to prevent high turnover and improve customer…

Customer Service 7 min read
Agent Engagement: A Comprehensive Guide
Engaged agents are involved, motivated, committed to their work, and care about resolving customer interactions and retaining customers.

Customer Service 5 min read
The Storytelling Coach: How Call Center Supervisor Storytellers Coach Agents to Improve Customer Service Delivery
Supervisor storytelling coaching focuses on helping supervisors and managers improve their storytelling skills to assist them in coaching call center…

Customer Service 5 min read
Call Center Performance Management – The Top 10 Tips to Make Agents More Effective and Efficient
Optimize agent efficiency and effectiveness in delivering cost-effective customer service with Call Center Performance Management.

Customer Service 8 min read
Using Persona Profiles to Personalize Customer Interactions
Leverage persona profiles to optimize customer interactions, tailoring them to match various customer segment preferences, needs, and characteristics.

Customer Service 6 min read
Using Emotional Intelligence in Call Center Interactions Can Significantly Improve Customer Service
We provide insights into what EI is, how to determine your IE, and how to use EI in call center interactions to improve customer service and…

Customer Service 5 min read
Agent Self-Coaching: How Agents Can Coach Themselves to Achieve World-Class QA and Csat Scores
Agent self-coaching creates ownership for improving agent performance. The more agents turn to themselves for the answers, the more self-confident…
Cost Per Call: A More Insightful Way to Calculate CPC?
The Cost Per Call is an essential metric for measuring the cost of handling a single call and indicates how efficient and effective your call center…

Customer Service 3 min read
Personalized Customer Experience: 10 Tips for Positive Memorable Call Center Experience
In this blog, we discuss the benefits of personalized customer experience and explore 10 personalization tips to help resolve issues on the first…

Customer Service 11 min read
Call Center Scorecard: How to Create It for Meeting Business and Customer Expectations
We explain what a call center scorecard is, its importance, and how to create a call center scorecard for meeting business and customer expectations.

Customer Service 10 min read
Call Center Technology Trends That Will Impact Customer Service
Learn about call center technologies that can help companies transform the way they deliver customer service more efficiently and effectively.

Customer Service 9 min read
Call Center Quality Assurance Tips – To Improve QA Scores & Csat
We thought it would be helpful to share call center quality assurance tips for improving your QA Scores and customer satisfaction.