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Measure the Impact of COVID-19 on your CX

SQM’s Benchmarking Study accurately measures, reviews, and identifies opportunities for improving your call center customer experience, as well as provides a benchmark ranking for your CX and EX compared to leading North American companies. With the current global crisis, the COVID specific study also includes data to understand how your contact channels are withstanding the current Coronavirus situation.


Using voice of the customer research for all major contact channels, SQM provides you with data and metrics to show you how your customer and employee experience stacks up against top-performing organizations during this challenging time, and goes even further to examine how the situation is impacting your frontline agents from an EX perspective.

Take this opportunity to assess your crisis response plans, how they're affecting customer and employee experience, and learn how your team performs under high-pressure situations. Review your CX channels and discover effective ways to improve processes to support your customers and employees.


COVID-19 Related Employee Study Included

Find out how your team is reacting and adapting to their work-from-home situations, and discover opportunities to better support your team while they rise to the challenge to meet the increasing needs of your customers. Ensure you're providing your team with the tools and resources necessary for them to perform at superior levels and understand how your efforts are being perceived by your front line agents.


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SQM’s post-contact customer experience survey accurately assesses and benchmarks your CX Greatness, OCR, FCR, Csat, and NPS® performance, as well as reviewing employee satisfaction as your team navigates the challenges presented in the new work-from-home model.

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The post-contact customer experience surveys are completed as live interviews with SQM’s in-house Telephone Survey Representatives. SQM benchmarks your contact centers’ customer experience delivery against the performance of over 500 leading North American contact centers.

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SQM will review your contact channel operations, conduct focus groups, and provide targeted and individualized recommendations to improve your contact channel performance, including CX Greatness, OCR, FCR, Csat, NPS ® performance, operational performance, and opportunities for reducing repeat contacts.

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