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Multi-Channel and Omni-Channel Customer Experience Difference

The vast majority of organizations state that they are trying to improve their customer experience using contact channels to resolve an inquiry or problem. However, it has been SQM’s experience based on benchmarking over 500 leading North American contact centers that very few organizations know their customers’ satisfaction

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Customer Contact Channel Usage

SQM is proud to share some of our Customer Contact Channel Usage and Experience Research with you. The research data reveals 20% of customers who used a call center did so because a self-service contact channel failed.

Call Center Customer Experience Research

The call center channel is still highly used for handling low- to high-complexity inquiries and problems. In fact, SQM research shows that the call center channel has the highest contact volume of all contact channels for resolving an inquiry or problem. Interestingly, the call center channel makes up 40% of total contact channel volume.

April 12th, 2016|Categories: Customer Experience Research|Tags: , |

Customer Contact Channel Preference

The call center channel remains the customer’s contact channel of choice for resolving an inquiry or problem. Many people are surprised about the continued popularity of the call center channel given the expansion of contact channels available (e.g., web self-service, IVR self-service, chat, email, mobile)

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One Contact Resolution Conference

SQM’s 17th Annual Conference on One Contact Resolution Focuses on Three Distinct Components: Ground-breaking research for improving contact channel performance Best Practice case studies from award winning companies Service Quality Excellence Awards Ceremony and Gala

Multi-Channel Customer Satisfaction Research

SQM is often asked, “What are the differences between One Contact Resolution (OCR), multi-channel, and omni-channel customer experience from a Csat point of view?”

March 25th, 2016|Categories: Multi-Channel|Tags: , , |

Nominate Your Customer Experience Champions

In high performing customer-focused organizations, we typically see three key individuals working in alignment on First Call Resolution (FCR) and One Contact Resolution (OCR). At the top of the house, reporting to the C-Suite, is the Customer Experience Officer; leading the contact center is the FCR Leader; and at the project management level within the contact center is the FCR Champion.

What is One Contact Resolution?

Recently, I hosted a 30-minute webinar to introduce a new metric to the industry, One Contact Resolution (OCR). It was our highest ever attended webinar so I am thrilled with the industry’s early reception to our new metric.

Most Customers Do Not Like to Channel Hop

SQM’s groundbreaking research shows how customers navigate through an organization’s contact channels when resolving an inquiry or problem. The below diagram shows contact channel volume distribution, and the second channel customers use when they need to contact the organization again to resolve the same inquiry or problem.

February 20th, 2016|Categories: One Contact Resolution|Tags: , , |

Contact Center Industry 2015 Award Winners

As Founder of SQM Group, I look forward to this moment every year where we announce the winners for our annual Voice of the Customer Excellence program. And this is our 17th year!

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