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Supervisor Improvement Nomination Process



  • To be eligible, a Supervisor must have improved their World Class Call (WCC) performance by at least 10% from the previous year.
  • The Supervisor does not need to be world-class certified.
  • Supervisor Top Improvement winners will receive a plaque to display on their desk.
  • SQM's WCC criteria are based on the customer being overall very satisfied (top box response) with the agent who handled their call and their call was resolved.
  • Surveying must have been conducted for at least 3 consecutive months in duration or across the entire year from January 1st, to December 31st.
  • A minimum sample size of 200 attributed customer telephone surveys taken from a random selection of calls that reflects your actual call type volume for both the current and the past years.
  • SQM will announce all Supervisor WCC Improvement winners by January 31st. Nominees for the Supervisor WCC Improvement Award must be submitted by the deadline of February 20th. The Top Supervisor WCC Improvement winners will be announced on March 11th.
  • The Top Supervisor WCC Improvement winners' stories will be published.

Organizations can submit an unlimited number of Supervisors for the Top Improvement Awards as long as the Supervisors have improved their WCC performance by 10% from the previous year.

All Top Supervisor WCC Improvement winners should attend SQM's Conference Awards Dinner.

Nominee Submission Process

The Top Supervisor World Class Csat Improvement nominee submission to SQM must be based on an improvement story that meets the following criteria:

The Supervisor Coaching WCC improvement story…

  • Describes how they coached their agents to improve their WCC performance
  • Describes how the agent’s Csat improvement impacted their customers' experiences

The Supervisor Coaching WCC improvement story may be described by the…

  • Customer Representative
  • Manager of the Supervisor
  • Customer of the Agent (recorded or written)

The Top Supervisor WCC Improvement nominee submission must be based on an improvement story, transcribed either by the agent, manager or customer. However, the stories should be chosen and submitted to SQM by the contact center senior management.

  • Only one story per Supervisor candidate nominated is to be submitted

Please send the nominee submissions to SQM using the below Nomination Application Form. The completed nomination form becomes the basis on which SQM will judge the Top Supervisor WCC Improvement winners.