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One Contact Resolution

Top 10 Customer Experience Metrics

Today’s connected customers expect to resolve their inquiry or problem on the first contact effortlessly, regardless of what contact channel(s) they choose to use. Customers’ expectations to resolve any inquiry or problem using any contact channel they choose is a huge challenge for organizations to meet.

FCR is More Than a Metric, it’s an Operating Philosophy

SQM is frequently asked, “What are the potential financial gains that can be expected from improving First Call Resolution (FCR)?” SQM’s research shows that, for the average contact center, a 1% improvement in FCR performance equals $285,000 in annual operational savings from the call volume reduction due to improving FCR.

Business Case for One Contact Resolution

When the mission is to deliver world class customer satisfaction on any given contact channel, lower operating costs, increase customer referrals and reduce customer defections - one contact resolution is a must!

Enterprise Wide Customer Satisfaction is Mediocre for Most

SQM conducted an enterprise customer satisfaction study with leading North American organizations and we interviewed over 250 senior executives about overall organization customer experience strategy and practices. Most organizations are grappling with improving enterprise wide Customer satisfaction (Csat). In fact, the average enterprise wide Csat is only 65% (top box response).

One Contact Resolution Conference

SQM’s 17th Annual Conference on One Contact Resolution Focuses on Three Distinct Components: Ground-breaking research for improving contact channel performance Best Practice case studies from award winning companies Service Quality Excellence Awards Ceremony and Gala

Nominate Your Customer Experience Champions

In high performing customer-focused organizations, we typically see three key individuals working in alignment on First Call Resolution (FCR) and One Contact Resolution (OCR). At the top of the house, reporting to the C-Suite, is the Customer Experience Officer; leading the contact center is the FCR Leader; and at the project management level within the contact center is the FCR Champion.

What is One Contact Resolution?

Recently, I hosted a 30-minute webinar to introduce a new metric to the industry, One Contact Resolution (OCR). It was our highest ever attended webinar so I am thrilled with the industry’s early reception to our new metric.

One Contact Resolution

The vast majority of SQM client senior executives would agree that delivering a world class customer experience for contact channel usage is critical to their organization’s success. Many North American CEOs are seeking the improvement of customer experience and, in many cases, it is the number one priority for their organization.