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Call Center

FCR is More Than a Metric, it’s an Operating Philosophy

SQM is frequently asked, “What are the potential financial gains that can be expected from improving First Call Resolution (FCR)?” SQM’s research shows that, for the average contact center, a 1% improvement in FCR performance equals $285,000 in annual operational savings from the call volume reduction due to improving FCR.

Enterprise Wide Customer Satisfaction is Mediocre for Most

SQM conducted an enterprise customer satisfaction study with leading North American organizations and we interviewed over 250 senior executives about overall organization customer experience strategy and practices. Most organizations are grappling with improving enterprise wide Customer satisfaction (Csat). In fact, the average enterprise wide Csat is only 65% (top box response).

Call Center Customer Experience Research

The call center channel is still highly used for handling low- to high-complexity inquiries and problems. In fact, SQM research shows that the call center channel has the highest contact volume of all contact channels for resolving an inquiry or problem. Interestingly, the call center channel makes up 40% of total contact channel volume.

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