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The SQM CX Snapshot Benchmarking Study


SQM’s CX Snapshot Benchmarking Study accurately measures, benchmarks, and identifies opportunities for improving your contact center customer experience.

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Find Out How Your Contact Center CX Measures Up

Using Voice of the Customer (VoC) research for all major contact channels, SQM provides you with data and metrics to show you how your CX stacks up against more than 500 best practice organizations.

Delivering a formal report that outlines your metrics, identifies opportunities for improvement and provides guidance and actionable insights, SQM's Snapshot Benchmarking Study gives you the initial tools to help you improve your organization's customer experience.

Some of the Benefits

If your CX Strategy could benefit from these insights, let the experts at SQM assist you. We can assess your contact center business practices and provide clear direction for CX performance improvement by analyzing Voice of the Customer data and direct employee feedback surveys.

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CX Improvement Best Practice Recommendations Included

If you would like to understand your core business on a deeper level, see how you stack up against top North American performers, and take the first step towards effective CX improvement then sign up for our CX Benchmarking Study today. Your study will also include important CX Best Practice Recommendations specific to your contact center to help you move forward on your improvement path.

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A random sample of post-contact customer experience surveys is conducted with customers who have had a transaction with your contact channel within 1 business day of their interaction. SQM’s post-contact customer experience survey has a proven track record for measuring the attributes that accurately assess and benchmark your CX Greatness, OCR, FCR, Csat, and NPS® performance. 

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The CX Snapshot is a one-time study that takes 2-3 weeks to complete. Over this time, SQM will complete the surveys, and then benchmarks your contact centers’ customer experience delivery against the performance of over 500 leading North American contact centers.

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A 50-page report is delivered to you and your management team outlining your contact channel’s CX Greatness, OCR, FCR, Csat, NPS ® performance, operational performance, and opportunities for reducing repeat contacts. SQM will provide targeted and individualized recommendations to improve your contact channel performance.

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Take advantage of an easier, more effective way to promote CX improvement among your frontline team.

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