One Contact Resolution

The Metric that Matters Most for Improving Multi-Channel Customer Experience.

Thank you to all the participants of our One Contact Resolution webinar we hosted on February 2nd, 2016! This was our most popular webinar with over 400 attendees.

Mike Desmarais, Founder CEO of SQM Group, introduced the latest metric (OCR) to the contact center industry with an insightful presentation. If you missed it, please click the link below and give us your contact information so that we can send you a private link to the recording of the webinar.

We will send this link to those that manage contact centers so please use your company information when you complete our simple form. We also ask that you do not share this link with anyone outside your organization.

The vast majority of SQM client senior executives would agree that delivering a world class customer experience for contact channel usage is critical to their organization’s success.

The business case is clear:

  • When a customer has to use multiple contact channels to resolve their inquiry Csat drops by, on average, 19% for each additional contact channel used.
  • If a contact is unresolved, 23% of customers express their intent to not continue to use the organization’s products and services because of their contact channel experience.

Delivering a world class customer experience in a multi-channel world is critical to an organization’s success and therefore we are introducing a new measure to the industry – One Contact Resolution (OCR).

If you want to deliver a world class experience to your multi-channel customers, we invite you to watch a 30 minute video from our latest One Contact Resolution webinar, which covers the 4 topics below:

  1. The differences between First Call/Contact Resolution and One Contact Resolution
  2. Benchmarking data on FCR and OCR
  3. Best practice on measurement techniques for FCR and OCR
  4. The business case for improving FCR and OCR
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To help you understand its measurement and the implications for delivering a world class customer experience, we also have a new blog post.