SQM’s 17th Annual Conference on One Contact Resolution Focuses on Three Distinct Components:

  1. Groundbreaking research for improving contact channel performance
  2. Best Practice case studies from award winning companies
  3. Service Quality Excellence Awards Ceremony and Gala

Ground Breaking Research

Groundbreaking Research for Improving Contact Channel Performance

The first component of the conference is on SQM’s latest research, captured in our brand new book One Contact Resolution, which addresses the burning issues of measuring and improving contact channel OCR and FCR performance. See an excerpt from the book.

This research is based on data collected from over 7.5 million surveys with customers who used a contact channel, interviews with 250 senior executives on the contact channel operating practices, and benchmarking over 500 contact centers on their Voice of the Customer performance. Data was gathered and analyzed to provide best practices for retaining customers and improving customer experiences when using contact channels to resolve an inquiry or problem.

Key findings from SQM’s research that have caused much discussion in the industry within the last two months are:

  • For the average call center, an alarming 41% of customers are not able to resolve their inquiry or problem on the first contact. Given that only 59% of customers have an OCR experience, it should be viewed as a huge wake-up call for the contact center industry to start measuring the customer’s entire experience (i.e., all contact channels used) when trying to resolve the same inquiry or problem.
  • Currently, a significant 20% of customers use multiple contact channels to resolve the same inquiry.
  • SQM data shows that 77% of customers who used two or more contact channels to resolve the same inquiry or problem did so because of a service failure in the first contact channel they used. That means only 23% of customers actually expected to use two or more contact channels to resolve the same inquiry or problem.
  • The vast majority of customers who start in one contact channel do not like to channel hop to resolve the same inquiry or problem. In fact, when a second contact was required to resolve the same inquiry or problem for the web self-service channel 79% and IVR self-service channel 81% of customers used the same channel.

At the conference Mike Desmarais, the CEO and Founder of SQM, and author of One Contact Resolution will expand on these insights by addressing:

  • How to define and measure one contact resolution
  • The benefits of using the one contact resolution metric
  • The differences between one contact resolution and first contact resolution
  • One contact resolution results for all major contact channels
  • Who should own the one contact resolution metric
  • Customer expectations when using a contact channel
  • How many contact channels customers really use to resolve the same inquiry
  • Customer channel hopping behavior for resolving an inquiry
  • Customer satisfaction impact when two channels are used
  • The business case for measuring one contact resolution

Learn from 15 Best Practices Award Winners

The second component of the Conference is award-winning best practice case studies for improving First Call Resolution and One Contact Resolution, shared by leading North American companies. These case studies are clear on how they deliver OCR and FCR. SQM has a panel of specialists review the submissions and then conduct onsite visits to observe the practices. On the basis of this process we are proud to host speakers who have a great story to share that is proven in its ability to deliver OCR and FCR.

Case study presenters for contact channel best practices are:

Chat Channel

Anne Palmerine
UPMC Health Plan

IVR Self-Service

Lisa Duenas
Vision Services Plan

Website Self-Service

Scott Webb

Standard Operating Practices

Patsy Bertoia
FedEx Express Canada


Case study presenters for call center best practices:

Performance Management Systems

Nathalie Larouche
Cogeco Connexion

Real-Time CSR Support Queue

Matt Schricker
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts

CSR Call Resolution Training

Mary Murcott
Dialog Direct

CSR Call Resolution Training

Lisa Gregovich
Prime Therapeutics

CSR Hiring Process Best Practices

Rachel Stuchberry
Accenture Business Services for Utilities

CSR Coaching Program

Austin Cobb
Nationstar Mortgage

CSR Recognition Program

Emily Fair
BlueCross BlueShield of Vermont

Quality Assurance Program

Holly Abbott
Millennium1 Solutions

3x Consecutive FCR Improvement Winner

Jody Windhorst
Nationstar Mortgage

TCPA Compliance

Christine M. Reilly
Manatt, Phelps, & Phillips, LLP

SQM's Awards Gala

Award Winners Celebration and Gala Dinner

The third component of the conference is the recognition and celebration of the 2015 award winners in a grand gala dinner and awards ceremony. SQM awards are unique in the industry as they are judged by customers who used a contact center and by employees who work in the contact center. SQM will be presenting Service Quality Excellence Awards and Certificates in the following categories:

  • Contact Center of the Year
  • Contact Channel Best Practices
  • Contact Center Customer and Employee Satisfaction
  • World Class Contact Center Certification
  • World Class Customer Representative and Supervisor Certification
  • First Call Resolution Improvement
  • Customer Service Representative of the Year and Top 24 Finalists
  • Supervisor of the Year and Top 5 Finalists

Before the ceremony, organizations can recognize their high performing CSRs at the CSR Appreciation Day, a unique environment of fun and celebration with their high performing peers from across North America. Watch the CSR Appreciation Day Video.

We welcome everyone to join us at this powerful conference. If there’s only one event you attend this year, make it this one!

Take advantage of:

  • Networking opportunities with over 400 fellow attendees over 3 days
  • Being the first to receive SQM’s new book One Contact Resolution
  • Key insights into 15 different best practices
  • New groundbreaking research
  • Key insights from the best industry vendors