The Omni-Channel Customer Experience Study uses customer surveys to capture feedback when using a call center and another contact channel (e.g., web self-service, email, IVR self-service, chat and social media) to resolve the same inquiry or problem. SQM’s omni-channel post-call survey has a proven track record for measuring the attributes that accurately assess and benchmark your customer satisfaction (Csat), contact resolution, customer effort and call deflection opportunities.


Post-Call Customer Satisfaction Survey

Connected contact channelsA random sample of post-call telephone surveys is conducted with customers who had a transaction with your call center and, in many cases, another contact channel. SQM’s research shows that approximately 20% of customers calling a contact center also used another contact channel (e.g., email, web self-service, IVR self-service, chat or social media) to resolve their same inquiry or problem.
The post-call customer survey is:

  • An in-depth interview
  • 4 to 8 minutes in length
  • Based on up to 20 rating and open-ended questions related to the customer’s omni-channel experience.

Benchmarking Study

Tracking Study

A one-time study that takes 2-3 weeks to complete. The post-call customer survey is completed as a live interview with SQM’s in-house Telephone Survey Representatives. An ongoing study conducting surveys on a daily or weekly basis. Surveys can be conducted using any of our survey options.


Report Deliverables

Benchmarking Study

Tracking Study

A 50 page omni-channel customer experience benchmarking report will be delivered to you and your management team via a conference call with a senior SQM consultant outlining your omni-channel customer experience and business impact performance. An omni-channel customer experience tracking report will be delivered quarterly to you and your management team via a conference call with a senior SQM consultant outlining your omni-channel customer experience and business impact performance. Real-time access to your customer survey information is available to all levels of staff in a secure encrypted manner through mySQM Reporting.

Specifically, SQM’s Omni-Channel Customer Experience Study will provide the following:



High level and detailed contact channel FCR, OCR and Csat ratings
Benchmarking comparison to leading North American organizations’ contact channels
Call avoidance opportunities for contact channels, so customers do not have to use the call center for resolving their inquiry
The impacts of your omni-channel customer experience on your organization’s ability to retain customers or the likelihood of your customers recommending your organization
The failure reasons why your customers were not able to resolve their inquiry or problem in the initial contact channel they used
Your customers’ contact channel preference for resolving their inquiry or problem
Amount of revenue the contact center protected and lost
Unresolved contacts’ impact on operating cost
Top 5 repeat contact reasons and their improvement opportunity for financial savings
Targeted opportunities for reducing repeat contacts
Best practices for improving your contact center’s OCR and FCR performance
Entry into SQM’s Customer Experience Awards Program
Access to SQM’s best practice consulting
Data collection on failure reasons for other channels’ usage
Full-text reports of customer verbatim
Full coding of customer verbatim
Ability to manage quota at a CSR level, providing personal accountability to the Voice of the Customer
Tracking and trending KPI performance hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually
Tracking and trending KPI performance from the CSR to the senior vice president level of the contact center
Ability to listen to the actual recordings of customer feedback
Real-time notifications of customer dissatisfaction (Action Alerts)
Ability to track responses to customer Action Alerts
Ability to link QA to customer surveys
Ability to capture and report coaching actions
Real-time web based reporting, pre-formatted reports and sophisticated database analytical tools


All Omni-Channel Benchmarking Study participants are eligible for SQM’s Customer Experience Awards


What’s Next

Contact SQM Group via email or phone us at 1-800-446-2095 to schedule a time where an SQM representative can walk you through the details of our Omni-Channel Customer Experience Study.