Operating the web channel without customer feedback is like driving blindfolded!

web channel, First Contact Resolution

SQM studies show that the majority of executives feel their web channel traffic is set to increase in the next 2 years. Surprisingly, only half of these same people actually measure customer experience with transactions on the web.

When you increase functionality on the web, how do you know if it is working from a customer standpoint? Are you increasing customer satisfaction? Or are you driving those customers to use other channels to get their issues resolved?

Customers expect to be able to resolve their inquiry or problem on the first contact with any contact channel they choose to use. However, even though transactions on the web may seem simple to the customer, it may be more complex to the organization thus requiring the customer to use the call center to resolve their inquiry or problem.

  • What if customer satisfaction for your customers using the web channel is poor but your strategic focus is to drive more traffic to your website?
  • What if your resolution rates are lower than your competitors are?
  • What if you were able to identify the details of why your customers’ web transactions fail?

When a customer uses two or more channels to resolve their issue, the top-box customer satisfaction rating for their overall experience is just 56%. This is a hugely important finding and demonstrates that from a customer viewpoint, your customers really do want and expect that the contact channel that they choose should be able to deliver the resolution they are looking for.

SQM puts this in terms of the 3 C’s of meeting or exceeding contact channel customer experience expectations:

  1. Channel Choice – the customer should be able to use any channel, anytime and anywhere. Organizations should not force a customer into a channel, but instead let them choose the channel they want to use.
  2. Contact Resolution – the customer should be able to resolve their inquiry or problem using any contact channel.
  3. Continuity – the customer should be able to start an interaction in one contact channel and continue on to another contact channel without having to start over. In other words, the customer has a seamless customer experience journey.

    BlindersTake off the blinders — the starting point is to measure your customers’ experience using the web and then strive to maximize the performance of the web channel in terms of satisfaction and FCR.

Here are some options for you to consider:

A Benchmarking Study will allow you to conduct a quick assessment of your Website performance from a VoC perspective.

A Tracking Study will allow you to monitor on an ongoing basis your Website performance from a VoC perspective.