World Class Call Center by Mike Desmarais


World Class Call Center Book
Mike Desmarais

Author: Mike Desmarais

Founder and CEO of SQM Group

Founder and CEO of SQM Group shares call center industry first call resolution, employee and customer satisfaction research and call center best practices that world class call centers use to achieve outstanding results.

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The purpose of the thought-provoking book, World Class Call Center, is to help call center managers improve their FCR, Esat and Csat performance. SQM has been benchmarking, tracking and helping leading North American call centers to improve their performance for over 14 years. As a result of benchmarking over 450 call centers and surveying over one million customers and 25,000 CSRs on an annual basis, SQM has gained valuable insights into call center FCR, Esat and Csat performance. These valuable insights have resulted in the call center best practices presented in this book, which have been validated by world class call center leaders.


“This is a must read for all who are dedicated to transforming their call center into a world class call center through the power of first call resolution.”
– Mike Hayes, Senior Vice President, Scotiabank


“Brilliant reasoning and shared call center best practices on how to achieve world class first call resolution and customer satisfaction.”
– Laura Costa, Senior Vice President, Vision Services Plan