One Contact Resolution 2nd Edition


One Contact Resolution 2nd Edition


Mike Desmarais

Mike Desmarais

Founder and CEO of SQM Group

Mike is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SQM Group. Mike has over 25 years of contact center service quality measurement, benchmarking and consulting experience.

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Lara Pow

Lara Pow

President of SQM Group

Lara Pow, DBA, is President of SQM Group. Lara has a Doctorate in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Mathematical Physics. She has over 15 years of research and analysis experience.

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Top 5 Reasons to Purchase

  1. This book was written by Mike Desmarais, Founder and CEO of SQM, and Lara Pow, President of SQM, who are industry thought leaders for customer experience measurement and improvement.
  2. Understand how to measure and improve one contact resolution – the metric that matters the most for improving multi-channel customer experience.
  3. Learn about the top 10 customer experience metrics research (i.e., first call resolution, one contact resolution, contact resolution, channel customer satisfaction, customer emotion experience, omni-channel experience, seamless experience, enterprise wide Csat, Net Promoter Score® and net retention index).
  4. Discover how to provide an omni-channel customer experience that is a seamless experience for customers who use two or more contact channels to resolve the same inquiry or problem.
  5. This book provides 16 best practice case studies for customer experience from award winning organizations including Canadian Tire, American Express, FedEx, VSP, and UPMC Health Plan.
One Contact Resolution

Mike Desmarais and Lara Pow share the One Contact Resolution Research and Best Practices from Award Winning Contact Centers


The purpose of this book, One Contact Resolution 2nd Edition, is to help contact center managers improve their contact channels’ one contact resolution, first contact resolution, customer satisfaction, and retention. This book provides tremendous research insights and best practices on how to improve contact channels’ customer experiences from award-winning contact centers. Since 1996, SQM has been the leading authority for measuring, benchmarking, tracking, consulting, awarding, and improving contact channels’ customer experience performance in North America. As a result, of benchmarking over 500 contact centers and surveying over 7.5 million customers and 125,000 CSRs in the last five years, SQM has gained valuable insights into contact channel best practices for improving customer experience and retention. This book builds on SQM’s previous books, World Class Call Center, First Call Resolution, First Contact Resolved Best Practices and One Contact Resolution.


Best practices success stories from leading North American companies:

  • Omni-Channel Customer Experience – Amex Canada Inc.
  • Web Self-Service Chanenl– FedEx
  • IVR Self-Service Channel– VSP Vision Care
  • Chat Channel – UPMC Health Plan
  • Standard Operating Procedure – Genworth
  • Continuous Improvement Process – Millennium1 Solutions
  • Contact Center Best Practices:
    • Quality Assurance – 407 ETR
    • Desktop Applications – Comcast Corporation
    • Career Development Program – Sun Life Financial
    • Call Handling – Canadian Tire Financial Services
    • Performance Management System – Scotia iTRADE
    • CSR Coaching Program – Nationstar Mortgage
    • CSR Selection Process – Canadian Tire Financial Services

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