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First Call Resolution Book


Mike Desmarais

Mike Desmarais

Founder and CEO of SQM Group

Founder and CEO of SQM Group shares research, success stories and best practices for improving first call resolution.

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Left Quote This book provides tremendous value as it is, in essence, a 400 page white paper on FCR research and best practices for improving FCR. Right Quote

The purpose of the book, First Call Resolution, is to help call center managers improve their first call resolution (FCR) performance. Since 1996, SQM has been the leading authority for measuring, benchmarking, tracking, consulting, awarding and improving call center FCR performance in North America. As a result of benchmarking over 450 leading North American call centers and surveying over 1 million customers and 25,000 CSRs on an annual basis, SQM has gained valuable insights into call center FCR performance and best practices for improving FCR. This book builds on SQM’s previous book, World Class Call Center, with an emphasis on FCR.


“Today, customer facing units are being challenged to improve the customer’s experience. In this effort, I can always rely on SQM as a leader and respected voice on the subject of FCR. This book delivers on that proven reputation.”

– Belinda Alexander, Vice President, Contact Center Operations, GMAC Mortgage


“How to measure and improve FCR has been an ongoing debate. This book ends the debate by providing definitive answers on how to measure and improve FCR.”

– Tom Brennan, PMP, CHDM, FCR Champion, Marriott International