How Did Your Contact Center Perform in 2015?

Contact center performance, contact center awards, best practice awards
As the year comes to a close, most leaders think about their contact center performance as they prepare for a Year End Review.

Why not repurpose some of that hard work in preparing for that Year End Review and turn it into great Award entries?

Deadline for applying for an SQM Best Practice Award is January 8, 2015.

So, here are our Best Practice Award categories and if any of them resonate with you then we want to hear about what you did. Our panel will judge your entry as to whether it is a 2015 Best Practice.


2015 Contact Center Perfomance Best Practices

  1. Omni-Channel – Did you make strides in allowing your CSRs greater ability to be able to see a customer’s use of other channels and how they can now have a different kind of conversation?
  2. Website (self-serve) Channel – Did the organization create greater functionality and better navigation? Did you see higher usage and containment in your web channel?
  3. IVR (self-serve) Channel – Did you create more self-serve options in your IVR and see greater containment as a result?
  4. Email Channel – Arguably the lowest performing channel of all; did you finally figure out better response times for your email and see greater customer satisfaction with that channel?
  5. Emerging Channels – Have you seen great customer acceptance for any of the emerging channels, such as mobile application, chat, SMS or video chat?
  6. Quality Assurance Program – Did you re-engineer your QA form or try something really unusual like tying the voice of the customer into your QA process?
  7. Desktop Applications – Did you complete a large scale implementation of your CRM or a key application for your CSRs and you can point to increased Csat as a result? Did you see some decent cost savings as well?
  8. CSR Recognition Program – Did you introduce any new recognition programs that your CSRs and Supervisors fell in love with and are motivated by?
  9. Career Advancement – Did you restructure your career path to create more, or perhaps clearer, opportunities for your CSRs?
  10. Call Handling Practice – Did you introduce some new practices for making holds and transfers more effective? Or ways to introduce 3-way calling in order to provide concierge service for your customers?
  11. Real-Time Support Queue – Did you restructure your CSR support queue to create greater support for your front line CSRs?
  12. Performance Management System – Did you redesign your accountability metrics and tie your bonus program to them in a different and more effective way?
  13. CSR Coaching Program – Did you try something different for who coaches, how often, or how long? Perhaps you introduced a better coaching program for your supervisors or first line management?
  14. CSR Training Program – Did you innovate with different types of training or use different mediums that captivated and engaged your CSRs?
  15. CSR Hiring Process – Did you change up the way you have always done your hiring? Used new ways to outreach or different approaches to CSR selection?

Contact center performance, contact center awards, best practice awards

If you answered “Yes, I did and it really worked!” then that’s the story you need to use for our Best Practice Awards.
And just think, wouldn’t that be a great way to:

  1. Earn recognition and respect for your team’s efforts
  2. Retain and attract new customers from your competition
  3. Retain and attract new employees
  4. Build your own resume
  5. Be recognized as being World Class or a Best Practice

    P.S. There is no cost to enter! Zero!