CX Certification Courses


The primary purpose of SQM’s Customer Experience (CX) Certification courses is to help individuals learn the skills and tools needed to improve their organization’s customer experience. SQM’s CX Certification consists of three courses that target different, but complementary areas for improving CX. Participants must attend all three courses to become certified as an SQM CX Improvement Expert. Our certification program assists contact centers in their efforts to improve customer satisfaction, reduce operational costs, and improve One Contact Resolution.

In these hands-on workshop-style courses, participants acquire the knowledge, skills, and abilities in:

CX Essentials When a contact center improves their first call resolution and/or call resolution performance it is, in most cases, the result of improving CSRs’ skills, knowledge, and abilities for resolving calls. SQM’s CX Essentials training program is specifically designed for contact center frontline trainers and supervisors so that they can effectively educate and coach CSRs on how to use customer survey feedback to improve their call resolution performance and/or achieve world class CX call resolution performance. The main purpose of the CX Essentials training is to provide organizations with the tools necessary to develop a World Class team of CSRs.

CX Journey Mapping A best practice to improve customer experience (CX) is to understand your customers’ end-to-end journey with your company and the key personas of those customers who are using your products and services. The CX journey mapping process is an outside-in approach to improve customer experience, allowing organizations to use and apply CX feedback to people, process, and technology practices to deliver the customer experience that customers expect. The main purpose of the CX journey mapping process is to identify CX opportunities for improvement.

CX IDCA Improvement Cycle Helps organizations improve interaction and touchpoint CX for using an organization’s products and/or services. SQM’s CX IDCA Improvement Cycle is used for identifying interactions and touchpoints that need to be improved, developing and presenting solutions for CX, verifying that action plan implementation has improved CX, and fully implementing CX improvement solutions. The main purpose of the CX IDCA improvement cycle is to develop an action plan to improve CX.