SQM offers a unique contact channel CX Best Practice Certification assessment to determine if your contact channels’ practice(s) is at the same standard as SQM’s award winning organizations’ contact channel CX best practices.

The primary purpose of CX journey mapping is to conduct customer survey research and in-depth interviews with customers and employees to deeply understand CX for each interaction and touchpoint key moments of truth, and to discover CX improvement opportunities.

One of the most important services SQM offers is to help our contact center clients develop and implement a plan for improving their FCR performance.

The primary purpose of the CX improvement cycle is to help organizations identify, develop, check, and act on interaction and touchpoint improvement opportunities.

This training program is specifically designed for contact center frontline trainers and supervisors so that they can effectively educate and coach CSRs on how to use customer survey feedback to improve their call resolution and CX performance.