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Mike Desmarais

Mike Desmarais LinkedIn

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
SQM Group

Mike Desmarais is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SQM Group. Mike is currently an MBA Candidate at Athabasca University. Mike has over 25 years of customer experience (CX) measurement, benchmarking, and consulting. As a consultant, Mike has experience working with leading North American organizations on improving CX. Mike has developed several key best practices that are fundamental to providing world class contact channel customer experiences. He uses his best practice knowledge to assess contact channel operations and to pinpoint the 3-5 pivotal changes that will drive real and significant CX improvement. Mike is a pioneer and visionary in contact channels’ CX measurement of first call resolution, one contact resolution, omni-channel, CX greatness, customer emotion, and retention metrics. Mike has written five thought-provoking contact channel CX research books (i.e.,World Class Call Center, First Call Resolution, FCR Best Practices, One Contact Resolution and most recently One Contact Resolution 2nd Edition). Mike has conducted best practice case studies with organizations such as American Express, FedEx, and VSP Vision Care. In addition, Mike is a popular contact center industry thought-leader with over 20,000 LinkedIn followers and is one of the top 10 most influential contributors in the contact center industry based on a recent Fonolo poll. Mike is a sought-after speaker for contact center conferences and has a world class satisfaction rating for speaking at those events.


Nader Ghattas

Nader Ghattas LinkedIn

Senior Vice President of Consulting
SQM Group

Nader Ghattas, BMgmt, is the Senior Vice President of Consulting with SQM Group. Nader brings over a decade of consulting, corporate asset direction and extensive international business experience to SQM and is currently an MBA candidate. He has an honours degree in business management and started his career as a TSR at SQM, moving on to vocations in investment banking, supply chain management and international business where he developed a passion for languages and a strong commitment to client service. Nader joined SQM Group in 2012.


Jonathan Bepple

Jonathan Bepple Jonathan Bepple LinkedIn

Associate Vice President of Client Advocacy
SQM Group

Jonathan Bepple, MSc., is Associate Vice President of Client Advocacy with SQM Group. Jonathan completed his MSc in Systems Science at the University of British Columbia, with a focus on model building and analysis. He has over 5 years of research experience and his responsibilities include customer account management, business development, data analysis, and customized research. Jonathan joined SQM Group in April of 2017



Pam Havens

Pam Havens LinkedIn

Senior Manager of Client Advocacy
SQM Group

Pam Havens, BBA, is a Senior Manager of Client Advocacy with SQM Group. She has her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Marketing concentration, from the University of Washington. She has been with SQM since January of 2013 and helped open the SQM Coeur d’Alene contact center as the center manager before moving to an account management role.  Pam has over 25 years of experience in retail and contact center management. She has a passion for helping others to improve the customer experience.



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