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SQM's 13th Annual Contact Center Awards Announcement

Press Release Published on October 14, 2011

SQM is pleased to announce our 2011 award winning call centers and frontline employees. This is SQM’s 13th Annual Most Prestigious North American Call Center Industry 2011 Awards for Service Quality Excellence.

SQM benchmarks over 450 leading North American call centers on an annual basis and has been conducting first call resolution (FCR), employee satisfaction (Esat) and customer satisfaction (Csat) benchmarking studies since 1996. On an annual basis, SQM conducts over 1.5 million surveys with customers who have called a call center. SQM also conducts over 25,000 surveys annually with employees who work in call centers. Based on our call center benchmarking studies, SQM awards excellence in customer and employee satisfaction for the call center industry. We have recognized top performing call centers for customer and employee satisfaction since 1998.

For each call center that participated in our customer benchmarking study, SQM completed 400 post-call phone surveys, conducted by SQM’s telephone survey representatives. SQM uses an in-depth post-call customer survey approach that consists of both rating questions and follow-up customer feedback questions that can be used to help the call center improve their FCR and Csat performance. SQM’s call center awards are based on customers who have used a call center and employees who work in a call center. SQM conducted the benchmarking studies for the period of October 1, 2010 to September 30, 2011. SQM has 37 different awards that recognize the top performing call centers. Based on the call centers we benchmarked, SQM recognizes the following Service Quality Award of Excellence Winners.

2011 Contact Channels Award Winners

Call Center of the Year Award Finalists

  • Canadian Tire Financial Services (CRCC)
  • Scotiabank (Nova Scotia)
  • VSP Vision Care (California)

Criteria used for Call Center of the Year are based on having the highest combined customer and employee overall very satisfied (top box response) rating. The Call Center of the Year winner will be announced at SQM’s Call Center Industry 2011 Conference on November 17th in Toronto.

Certified World Class Csat Call Centers

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas
  • Brother Canada
  • Canadian Tire Financial Services (RA)
  • Davis + Henderson (Ontario & Quebec)
  • Insurance Corporation of BC (Claims Division)
  • Insurance Corporation of BC (DTVI – Insurance Division)
  • Jackson National Life Insurance Co. (Michigan)
  • Marriott Systems Support Center (Maryland)
  • Marriott 1 Yield
  • Rogers Enterprise Service Delivery
  • Scotiabank (Alberta & Nova Scotia)
  • Scotiabank International (Dominican Republic)
  • Vancity Credit Union
  • VSP Vision Care (California & Ohio)

Criteria used for Call Center World Class Call Certification are 75% or higher of the calls are at the world class level for 6 months or more in 2011. SQM’s world class call criteria are based on the customer’s call being resolved, the customer is overall very satisfied (top box response) rating with their call center experience and the customer service representative.

In closing, SQM would like to congratulate all of the award winning organizations and their CSRs and Supervisors. Their world class performance is vital to their organization’s success!