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One Contact Resolution

Business Case for One Contact Resolution

When the mission is to deliver world class customer satisfaction on any given contact channel, lower operating costs, increase customer referrals and reduce customer defections - one contact resolution is a must!

One Contact Resolution Conference

SQM’s 17th Annual Conference on One Contact Resolution Focuses on Three Distinct Components: Ground-breaking research for improving contact channel performance Best Practice case studies from award winning companies Service Quality Excellence Awards Ceremony and Gala

What is One Contact Resolution?

Recently, I hosted a 30-minute webinar to introduce a new metric to the industry, One Contact Resolution (OCR). It was our highest ever attended webinar so I am thrilled with the industry’s early reception to our new metric.

Most Customers Do Not Like to Channel Hop

SQM’s groundbreaking research shows how customers navigate through an organization’s contact channels when resolving an inquiry or problem. The below diagram shows contact channel volume distribution, and the second channel customers use when they need to contact the organization again to resolve the same inquiry or problem.

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