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About SQM’s Awards

SQM’s contact center customer experience awards are the most prestigious and sought after North American contact center industry awards. What makes SQM’s awards unique is that they are based on customers who have used a contact center and/or employees who work in a contact center. On an annual basis, SQM conducts over 1.5 million surveys with customers who have used a contact center and over 25,000 surveys with employees who work in contact centers. In addition, SQM recognizes contact centers that have demonstrated FCR Best Practices for the following categories: Omni-Channel, Website (Self-Serve) Channel, IVR (Self-Serve), Email Channels, Emerging Channels (Chat, Video Chat, Mobile Application, ect) Quality Assurance Program, Desktop Application(s), Recognition Program, Career Development, Call Handling Practice, Real-Time CSR Support Queue, Performance Management System, CSR Coaching, CSR Training Program and CSR Hiring Process. SQM has been awarding organizations for their FCR, Csat, Esat and Best Practice performance since 1996.

SQM Award Categories Include:


SQM benchmarks over 500 leading North American contact centers on an annual basis and has been conducting first call resolution (FCR), customer satisfaction (Csat), employee satisfaction (Esat) contact center benchmarking studies and Best Practice evaluations since 1996. Organizations that have participated in SQM’s Benchmarking Study qualify for SQM’s contact center service awards program. For the 2016 award year, SQM will conduct contact center benchmarking studies between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016. SQM will present and recognize contact center service excellence award winners at our 18th annual conference, being held at Sparkling Hill Resort, Vernon B.C., May 2nd to 4th, 2017. We have more than 60 different awards and recognize the top performing organizations for achieving world class FCR, Csat, Esat and Best Practice performance.

Awards Program

SQM awards are the most sought after awards as they are based on the customers who have used a contact center and/or employees who work in a contact center and Best Practice evaluations.


The nomination process includes Best Practice Awards, CSR of the Year Award, CSR Improvement Awards, Supervisor of the Year Award and Supervisor Improvement Awards.

Past Winners

See previous winners who have achieved world class FCR, Csat and Esat performance or have significantly improved their FCR performance.


SQM’s Certification Program recognizes contact center FCR performance, and supervisors and CSRs performing at the world class customer service performance level.


SQM’s 18th Annual Contact Channel Customer Experience Conference and Industry Awards will be held at Sparkling Hill, Vernon B.C., May 2nd to 4th, 2017 to recognize award winning contact channel performance and to learn from the best in the industry.

The 5 Benefits of Winning an SQM Contact Center CX Award:

  1. Recognition/Respect – SQM’s Contact Center CX Excellence Awards and Best Practices Awards are the most prestigious and sought after North American contact center service quality awards. When you win an SQM CX award, you gain recognition and earn respect from industry peers, within your organization and, most importantly, the customers who contacted your contact center and employees who work in your contact center.
  2. Build Trust – An SQM CX award offers a significant opportunity to gain a credible third-party endorsement of your brand and build trust with your customers.
  3. Retain/Attract New Customers – Winners have used their SQM CX award as a marketing tool to inform existing customers and potential new customers about the world class CX they provide.
  4. Retain/Attract New Employees – Winners have used their SQM CX award to inform their employees and potential new employees about the world class CX they provide and/or the excellent working environment.
  5. Career Opportunities – Leaders of the award-winning contact centers have more career opportunities within their own organization, as well as outside their organization. Also, a CSR that is certified as a world class CX performer has more career opportunities because everybody wants them.